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Jade & Tanner Tolbert lost 31 lbs.*

Jade & Tanner Tolbert's After Photo

*Weight lost on a prior program.
Expect to lose an avg. of 1-2 lbs per week.

“It's very motivating to be able to do Nutrisystem together!”

A few months after giving birth to her first child, Emerson, in 2017, reality star Jade Tolbert was ready to get serious about losing the baby weight. She had lost some of the 30 pounds she'd gained while pregnant, but still had about 10 more pounds to go. Her husband (and former Bachelor in Paradise co-star) Tanner Tolbert, had also put on weight during his wife's pregnancy. Determined to make a change, the couple decided to give Nutrisystem a try. It worked! Jade lost 10 pounds, and Tanner lost 21 pounds! Jade credits Nutrisystem with helping her feel like herself again, saying at the time “I wanted to lose that last 10 pounds and get my body back in swimsuit shape. Thanks to Nutrisystem, I was able to do that and it feels great.”

“It's so easy because the food comes straight to our door.”

When their son Brooks was born in 2019, Tanner didn't want to put on weight the way he had before, so he relied on Nutrisystem to help him stay on track. Now, the couple is preparing for baby #3, due in November 2020. Suffice to stay, life is a little hectic for the Tolbert family! Tanner says he still enjoys Nutrisystem meals and snacks, adding that “if I want something, I can go grab it. It's just quick and easy, which is really convenient, especially now!”

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Jade: Denver, CO
Tanner: Kansas City, MO

Weight Loss Motivation

Jade: "After the baby's born and the time is right, I know I have the healthy practices I learned while on Nutrisystem!"
Tanner: "I want to stay an active dad and avoid the 'dad bod'!"

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