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“I was so excited to live again and to stop hiding.”

Brooke lost 50 lbs and energized her life.*

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Benita before and after weight loss

“I’m so happy, the way I look, the way I feel. Thank you, Jenny.”

Benita is loving life again!

As a mother of two small children and constantly balancing life, work, and her kids, Benita knows the importance of making time for herself and feeling confident in her body. Some of her favorite Jenny Craig foods are the Pepperoni Pizza and Margherita Pizza, and she loves the ease and convenience of Jenny Craig.

“I think the new Jenny is incredible. It’s amazing. It’s convenient. It’s reliable…The ease of not thinking about cooking and portion control, coupled with the amazing taste of the food, makes Jenny Craig a Winner!”

Heather before and after weight loss

“I’m a forever believer in what Jenny Craig can do… it gave me my confidence back.”

Heather became an empowered family role model.

Heather is a stay-at-home mother of two young children and knows the importance of balancing life and making good choices for her family. Starting with Jenny Craig helped her feel empowered and helped her feel even better than before having kids. She loves how easy the Jenny menu is and her absolute favorite is the Chocolate Cheesecake.

“After my last pregnancy, I gained a lot of weight and started to not be as social or want to be in any pictures, which wasn’t like me…I am a forever believer in what Jenny Craig can do. It got me back to feeling BETTER than how I felt before kids and it gave me my confidence back to be social and to be in all the pictures again!”

Patricia before and after weight loss

“As a mom, I take care of everyone else. Jenny takes care of me!”

Patricia is helping others find success with Jenny.

After Patricia had her last child, she knew she was ready to get her body back and decided Jenny was the answer. When she retired from her law enforcement career as a police officer, Patricia was ready for her next chapter in life and became a weight loss coach with Jenny Craig. She loves cheering on her clients and her favorite food is the Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo.

“After I was done with my law enforcement career and I wanted to go back to work…I decided to go be a coach with Jenny Craig. Now being a weight loss advisor with Jenny, I get to help people. When you’re on your journey, it’s always nice to have a helping hand, someone on your side, a cheerleader”