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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a new or returning customer, what do I need to know?

  • Jenny Craig Home-Delivery Plan – Same great food, Same great weight loss – Delivered to your door!
  • Shipment option (2-week shipment is Auto-Ship)
  • 2-week shipments includes:
    • 14 Recharge bars
    • 14 breakfasts
    • 14 lunches
    • 14 dinners
    • 14 snacks

YES! Jenny Craig foods are many of the same recipes you know and love.

I’ve purchased a Jenny Craig Plan, what do I need to know?

Lose up to 24 pounds in your first 8 weeks with an average weight loss of 22 pounds in 8 weeks.

Grocery foods are split into 6 different categories (see below).

  • Note: See Grocery Guide for specific food recommendations and serving sizes. Consume as directed on your menu (i.e., number of servings and time of day).
    • Vegetables (non-starchy) - Servings unlimited, so long as you eat them without added fat. We recommend consuming at least 3 servings per day. Non-Starchy Vegetables (with no added fat) are approximately 25 calories, 5g carbohydrate and 2g protein per serving.
    • Fruit or Starch - We recommend at least 1 fruit serving per day! In general: 1 fruit = 1 small or ½ large piece. These options are around 60- 80 calories and 15g carbohydrates.
    • Protein or Dairy – Encourage selecting lean proteins and low or reduced fat dairy choices more often. You can replace any ½ Starch or 1 Healthy Fat with 1 Flavor Limited, if needed.
    • Healthy Fats – Approximately 45 calories and 5g fat per serving
    • Flavor Unlimited (Free foods!) - optional add-ons and condiments that can be used to spice up your meal plan. Enjoy as many as you’d like (i.e., unlimited); 1 serving = less than 10 calories per serving.
    • Flavor Limited - optional add-ons and condiments for your meal plan to add additional flavor! These are approximately 0-35 calories, enjoy up to 3 servings listed per day to stay on your plan. Should not be consumed during the fasting period.