Adding Variety for a Menu Personalized to YOU!

The Jenny Craig program emphasizes satisfaction and personalization for lasting success. A key part of the program is our Fresh & Free Additions. Fresh & Free Additions are fruits and vegetables that are rich in fiber and water to keep you feeling full longer, and with fewer calories. The more satisfied you feel, the less likely you are to overindulge.

While our premium entrees are the basis for every meal, you then incorporate your own fresh fruits, vegetables and dairy for added balance and variety. Our consultants will guide you how to combine our delicious meals and snacks with fresh fruits and vegetables for a complete balanced meal plan.

6 Fresh & Free Addition Tips!

Fresh and Free Additions Non-Starchy Vegetables: Salad Greens

Add in extra portions of non-starchy vegetables: extra salad greens and sides of vegetables!

Fresh and Free Additions Jenny Craig Soup Addition

Add a Jenny Craig Soup Addition or Jenny Craig Vegetable Side to your meal for added satisfaction! Cheesy broccoli anyone?

Fresh and Free Additions Non-Starchy Vegetables: Broccoli

Mix non-starchy vegetables like fresh tomatoes, broccoli and peppers into your meals for added variety!

Fresh and Free Additions High Fiber Vegetables: Grilled Peppers

Grill or roast high-fiber vegetables for a delicious side dish or afternoon snack!

Fresh and Free Additions Fruits

Choose whole fruits with the peel to maximize fiber and nutritional value!

Fresh and Free Additions Simple Inspirations

Reference the back of your Jenny Craig entrées for tips on how to incorporate Fresh & Free additions into all of your meals!