Introducing Jenny Craig's new fitness videos designed to help you build an active lifestyle that works for you!

at jenny craig we want to meet you where you are on your weight loss journey

That’s why we’ve designed a series of Jenny Craig Fitness videos to help you build an active lifestyle that works for you. Start with one video and then build from there; either repeating the same one 3 times or combining all three videos for a full 30 minute workout. Increase your intensity and number of repetitions over time to suport consistent weight loss, push past a plateau or advance your fitness level.

Getting started with an exercise routine may be hard but walking is a basic activity you already do daily. This class is designed to take your walking to the next level. Throughout the class there will be a number of walking variations to get your heart rate up and burn calories.

Intro to Walking - 0:42


Walking Class - 9:56

These classes offer a fusion of exercises that will help improve your balance, stability and core strength by engaging muscles that are essential for activities in daily living. Working on your balance is crucial at any age and helps to set in motion habits that will last a lifetime. Balance helps you maintain good posture and core strength.

Intro to Balance - 0:33


Balance Class 1 - 8:18


Balance Class 2 - 8:03


Balance Class 3 - 8:18

Strength and cardio
The strength and cardio classes offer a full body workout that incorporates both strength moves and cardiovascular activity. This class gets your heart rate up, which can help create lean muscle, burn more fat and tone your body. By getting stronger and increasing your stamina, you are setting the stage for a healthier, more active you.

Intro to Strength & Cardio - 0:31


Strength & Cardio Class 1 - 10:09


Strength & Cardio Class 2 - 10:01


Strength & Cardio Class 3 - 10:09

Strength and tone
This series of classes are designed to assist with weight loss by helping to maintain your lean muscle mass and minimize reduction in metabolism. You’ll complete a set of exercises for 20 seconds by starting slow and working toward increasing repetitions while focusing on form.

Intro to Strength & Tone - 0:47


Strength & Tone Class 1 - 11:21


Strength & Tone Class 2 - 10:52


Strength & Tone Class 3 - 11:16