Introducing a
Weight Loss Plan
that's all about you!

is to know about YOUR
weight loss DNA PROFILE!

there is to know
about your
weight loss
dna profile!

Here's what you get with our new plan!

weight loss genetic reports

15 key weight loss insights

personalized menu

A personalized menu plan to help optimize your weight loss

tailored exercise plan

An actionable report with tips based on your results - including exercise recommendations

360 degree support

A dedicated consultant to help you reach your goals

Easy and painless to do!

What to Expect

  • 1
    Come in or call your personal
     consultant to get the plan.
  • 2
    Your DNA results will be
     available within 10
     business days.
  • 3
    Your consultant will provide you
     with a tailored menu plan based
     on your results. Your detailed
     action plan will have specific tips
     based on your DNA outcomes.
DNA Decoder Plan Envelope
DNA Privacy Promise

Our DNA Privacy Promise
Jenny Craig will never share or sell your information to any 3rd party company or allow any 3rd party research company access to your data. We do not share any member data with any public databases. We will not provide any personal data (genetic or non-genetic) to an insurance company or employer. Your data is safe and secure. To learn more visit our privacy policy.