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A recent review of 10 commercial weight loss programs by researchers at Johns Hopkins published in the June issue of Obesity Reviews Journal, found that only those individuals with type 2 diabetes following the Jenny Craig program reduced hemoglobin A1c -- a three-month average of blood sugar concentrations -- more than weight loss counseling at 12 months.

Jenny Craig was recommended as one option due to its strong evidence to support diabetes benefits.

Participants who followed our type 2 menu lost 3x more weight†† than those receiving usual care
Participants also achieved a lower HbA1c of 6.6% as compared to 7.5% for usual care while showing greater improvements in HDL (good) cholesterol and triglyceride levels
72% of participants reduced or eliminated their use of insulin

When you combine weekly, personal one-on-one consultations withJenny Craig’s Type 2 Menu, you can lose weight to improve your glycemic control.

Our program: group of Jenny Craig members and consultants

Clinically proven to help those with type 2 better manage their diabetes, our comprehensive program for weight loss gives members the improved glycemic control they’re looking for so they can take charge of their health.

Our menu: Jenny Craig Cheddar Cheese Omelet

Take the guesswork out of diabetes meal planning with our easy to follow, calorie + carbohydrate controlled type 2 menu that gives you the right balance of nutrients to lose weight, yet has a variety of delicious flavors to keep you excited about what you’re eating.

Our consultants: 3 Jenny Craig Consultants

Your dedicated personal consultant designs strategies to help you reach your weight loss goals and hit your diabetes targets, while giving you weekly one-on-one support, either in person or over the phone.

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