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Take Your Life to the Max in 2021 with Jenny Craig’s Most Effective Weight Loss Program, Rapid Results Max

Recharge Bar, the revolutionary bar included in the program, is designed to increase fat burn and speed up weight loss, allowing consumers to eat while maintaining a metabolic fasting state.

CARLSBAD, Calif. (Jan. 11, 2021) Jenny Craig, the science-based leader in weight loss, today announced the launch of its newest and most effective program innovation, Rapid Results Max. This groundbreaking new weight loss solution leverages the powerful science of intermittent fasting and pairs it with Jenny Craig’s revolutionary Recharge Bar, as well as chef-crafted meals and snacks and personal coaching to help participants achieve their goal weight. Rapid Results Max is completely customized to every participant, helping each person make sustainable healthy lifestyle changes (while still enjoying all of their favorite foods) with one-on-one support from a personal weight loss coach guiding participants as they meet their goals. Through the new Rapid Results Max program method, participants can lose up to 17 pounds in their first four weeks. Average weight loss in the study was 13 pounds in the first four weeks.

Building off the success of the original Rapid Results program, Rapid Results Max is Jenny Craig’s most effective program yet, enhancing the science and benefits of intermittent fasting to help participants lose weight, manage blood sugar, and increase energy levels. The Recharge Bar included in the program naturally maintains the fast — without breaking it — to help make weight loss faster and easier when on Rapid Results Max. Made with simple, natural ingredients of nuts and a small amount of honey, the Recharge Bar helps curb appetite and hunger, allowing participants to comfortably complete their fast. Recharge Bar is available at as part of the program, as well as select retailers, including Amazon and Walgreens.

“Research has shown the most optimal form of intermittent fasting occurs when people follow their natural 24-hour circadian rhythm,” said Dr. Pamela Peeke, chairman of the Jenny Craig Science Advisory Board. “The Rapid Results Max program capitalizes on this cutting-edge science by supporting a period of nourishing for 10 hours paired with 14 hours of fasting for whole body rejuvenation. The Recharge Bar helps participants to maintain the fasting process, reap the full benefits of the fast, and ultimately achieve their goals.”

Rapid Results Max follows a form of intermittent fasting in which participants eat smartly during the day across a 10-hour period and then rest and digest, during which they take a break from eating for 14 hours beginning after dinner. Researchers have found that the 14:10 method provides optimal weight loss, especially when a person ideally finishes eating in the early evening and then fasts for 14 hours to rejuvenate the body.

“Jenny Craig customers are at the core of our every innovation. We are constantly evaluating the chef-curated food we offer, our one-on-one coaching model and our methodology so we can offer the best weight loss program on the market,” said David Pastrana, CEO of Jenny Craig. “We are incredibly proud of the new Rapid Results Max and the Recharge Bar as our next step in helping our customers with their personal transformation – by maximizing their weight loss, and also allowing them to reach their full wellness potential.”

Those interested in Rapid Results Max can choose to have their chef-crafted meals delivered to their home or through contactless pick-up at their local Jenny Craig center. Throughout the program, one-on-one coaching is available by phone and in-person at some Jenny Craig centers throughout the US.

“My weight has always fluctuated with every diet I’ve tried, but Jenny Craig is the only program that has helped me and my husband keep the weight off,” said Elizabeth Hobbs, Rapid Results Max member. “I believe the scientific research plays a critical role in the lasting results people see when they trust Jenny Craig. Jenny Craig is the easiest and the fastest weight loss I’ve ever experienced, without all the craziness. I’ve lost 45 pounds on Rapid Results Max following my natural body rhythm, and the weight has just come off.”

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*Average weight loss in study was 13 pounds for those who completed the program. Libby lost 45 pounds on Rapid Results Max in 16 weeks. Libby received promotional consideration.

About Jenny Craig
The Jenny Craig program is designed to provide structure and support to help members lose weight and learn how to keep it off. Jenny Craig's program provides nutritionally-balanced menus, which includes almost 100 delicious entrees, desserts and snacks developed by dietitians, nutritionists and professional chefs. One-on-one coaching provides personal support and education on portion control and strategies such as Fresh and Free Additions, which helps with satiety. Jenny Craig coaches work with each member individually to identify their strengths, challenges and personal goals to create unique weekly meal plans that fit individual needs. Coaches also help members implement behavioral strategies to support their success. Jenny Craig's comprehensive approach to weight loss is available to members either by phone or in-person. Groundbreaking new Rapid Results Max shows that participants who followed the program in studies lost up to 17 pounds in their first four weeks (with an average weight loss of 13 pounds), supported by the revolutionary Recharge Bar which naturally extends the fast.

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