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Jenny Craig has been helping members change their lives since 1983

The story begins with our co-founder, Mrs. Jenny Craig. After the birth of her first child, Mrs. Craig found herself overweight and lacking options to lose the weight. Through her own combination of diet and exercise, she shed the baby weight, but came upon the realization that there weren’t enough options for people who wanted to lose weight that included a supportive human touch. In the early 1960s, Mrs. Craig began working at a local gym where she developed an interest in weight loss and nutrition. This interest eventually led to the opening of her own gym, and in 1983, her first Jenny Craig Weight Loss Center with the help of her late husband, Sid Craig. Mrs. Craig took what she learned through her own weight loss journey and years of working in the weight loss industry to create a comprehensive approach to weight loss.

Jenny Craig was built on the belief that successful weight loss and weight management can be achieved through a healthy relationship with food.

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Jenny Craig was built on the belief that successful weight loss and weight management can be achieved through a healthy relationship with food, an active lifestyle and a balanced approach to living. These fundamentals make up three cornerstones of the Jenny Craig Program: Food, Body and Mind. Mrs. Craig knew firsthand the challenges that come with weight loss and the importance of a personalized support system. Mrs. Craig staffed each center with a team of weight loss consultants to offer support, education and encouragement to members. She understood the importance of a comprehensive approach to weight loss and used this knowledge to create what is now one of the world’s largest weight loss and weight management companies. This one-on-one personalized support is what makes the Jenny Craig program unique. Today, Jenny Craig has trained consultants, many of whom have had their own sustained success with Jenny Craig providing dedicated support to our clients.

Jenny Craig’s evidence-based programs have always been designed by Registered Dieticians with the guidance from the company’s Medical Advisory Board, reflecting the guidelines of major health organizations and validated by peer-reviewed research. A recent study published in Annals of Internal Medicine suggests doctors consider recommending Jenny Craig’s weight loss solution to their patients. Jenny Craig was also identified in this study as one of the most effective weight loss programs based on evidence that its participants achieved greater sustained weight loss at 12 months, relative to control groups.

Jenny Craig’s proven solution is available to members either in-person in one of our 600 global centers or by phone or video chat via Jenny Craig Anywhere.

We know how difficult losing weight can be—and how natural it is for all of us to delay starting the journey. But through talking with our members, we also know that, inevitably, there’s an epiphany—what we call, “The I’m ready to lose weight NOW” moment. It’s a powerful, highly motivating feeling. One that Jenny Craig is uniquely qualified to maximize. In fact, many of our members tell stories of having The Moment while driving in their cars, finding their way to a nearby Jenny Craig center, meeting with a personal consultant, picking from delicious food and enjoying the incredibly satisfying feeling of starting the weight loss journey—not in days or weeks, but NOW!

Since the Company’s inception, Jenny Craig has changed lives around the world.

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