Jenny Craig for type2™

get the most out of life
take control of your type 2

Reach your goals with our proven program

Jenny Craig for type 2 is grounded in research demonstrating its effectiveness

Participants who
followed our type 2 menu
lost 3x more weight
than those receiving
usual care
Participants also
achieved a lower HbA1c
of 6.6% as compared to 7.5%
for usual care while showing
greater improvements in HDL
(good) cholesterol and
triglyceride levels
72% of participants
reduced or eliminated
their use of insulin

When you combine weekly, personal one-on-one consultations with Jenny Craig’s Type 2
Menu, you can lose weight to improve your glycemic control.

Clinically proven to help those with type 2 better manage their diabetes, our comprehensive program for weight loss gives members the improved glycemic control they’re looking for so they can take charge of their health.
Take the guesswork out of diabetes meal planning with our easy to follow, calorie + carbohydrate controlled type 2 menu that gives you the right balance of nutrients to lose weight, yet has a variety of delicious flavors to keep you excited about what you’re eating.
Your dedicated personal consultant designs strategies to help you reach your weight loss goals and hit your diabetes targets, while giving you weekly one-on-one support, either in person or over the phone.
In an independent study Jenny Craig participants following the lower carbohydrate menu for diabetes lost 3x more weight than those receiving usual care, achieved a lower HbA1c of 6.6% as compared to 7.5% for usual care, while showing greater improvements in HDL (good) cholesterol and triglycerides.†
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