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Dear Jenny,

My weight has always been a struggle. When looking in the mirror, I focused only on my face, hair and makeup, trying very hard not to look past my neck. My weight became more than an issue about my appearance, after I had knee surgery which contributed to a massive weight gain that created several health issues. I was diagnosed with hypertension, high cholesterol, and Type 2 Diabetes and depended on the medications I took both morning and evening, to treat these diseases. My family has a history of these health conditions. My father died of a heart attack at age 68, my mother suffered with diabetes and kidney disease, and my brother had a heart attack and a triple bypass so I knew my health was at serious risk. I am a wife and mother of two wonderful daughters that I wanted to be around for many years to come.

When my daughter announced her engagement, I knew that I had to do something to look better and get healthy. To be quite honest, at the time, I was more motivated to lose weight for the wedding than for my health. I wanted to lose two sizes to get into a beautiful gown to wear as mother of the bride. I kept seeing Jenny Craig commercials and made an appointment to go in to the nearest center.

At Jenny Craig, I worked weekly with my wonderful Jenny consultant, Shereen. We hit it off right away and I was able to confide in her my innermost thoughts. Her support was invaluable. I learned portion control from the delicious Jenny’s cuisine, how to satisfy hunger by adding lots of vegetables and fiber to my menu plan, and to spread out my food for the day into 3 meals and snacks in between. I tracked what I ate daily on my menu so I stayed aware of what was I was eating each day. When I reached the halfway point to my goal, Shereen started to teach me how to plan my meals using my own food. By the time the wedding day arrived, I was down 50 lbs.*, more than 2 sizes and the gown I ordered had to be taken in to fit. As exciting as that was, something more significant was happening as I was losing weight. I noticed that the symptoms of my Type 2 diabetes were disappearing and after losing 40 lbs.* they disappeared for me altogether. At times I would even have symptoms of low blood sugar so my doctor began to decrease my medications for the diabetes until I was off them completely. I was able to stop the medication for high blood pressure too. I stayed on the Jenny Program after the wedding and lost a total of 90 lbs.*

My doctor is so pleased with my weight loss success and the role it played in controlling my Type 2 Diabetes. I see him every three months for blood work and a check-up and all is well. I also continue to go to my Jenny Center to meet with Shereen and pick up some of my favorite Jenny meals. I continue to watch my caloric intake and moderately exercise doing mostly upper body strength exercises. Due to a bad back, I rely mostly on the healthy eating habits I learned at Jenny to keep my blood sugar in control. I now have more confidence, love to go shopping and have the stamina I thought was long gone. As I drive by the Jenny Craig Center with my family, I always scream out from the top of my lungs, “Whoo hoo Jenny! It really works!!” It really does!

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