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Dear Jenny,

Upon turning 40, like many women, I reflected on my life. In my thirties, I had my two children and stayed busy raising them and working full time. I didn’t have time to exercise since I was working and when I wasn’t my kids were always with me. Many times, after meals, I would eat what they didn’t finish on their plates. Years passed, and many left overs later, I had gained a lot of weight. This is easy to do on a petite, 5’2 frame. An extra five pounds can easily mean moving into a larger dress size. I was very unhappy with how I felt and the way my clothes fit. My turning point was shopping at my favorite store and the size large was too small. I knew something had to change.

I called Jenny Craig. This sounds cliché, but it was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. My goal was to slim down and weigh as much as I did on my wedding day, sixteen years ago. Since I have a busy schedule, I knew it would be convenient to have Jenny Craig’s prepared meals. The pre-packaged meals and snacks have helped me to visualize the appropriate portion sizes. My personal consultant, Rochelle, was encouraging and informative, and I enjoyed our consultations each week. In the past, I would just drink coffee and skip breakfast in the morning. I learned that eating breakfast is very important for your metabolism and helps with your energy level for the day. Rochelle also helped me plan meals on my own and shared many great tips. Now, I enjoy eating seafood, grilled chicken, salad, and loads of vegetables. I stopped drinking diet colas and now drink water. I also enjoy sweets and carbs in moderation and avoid processed foods.

I have always enjoyed working out but got out of my niche since having my two children. Since I was now eating healthy, I began running. I made a commitment to exercise, specifically to run, everyday. I stayed motivated by helping to raise awareness for childhood cancer by posting the miles that I ran on Facebook. I had a personal connection to this awful disease at the school where I teach. Knowing what Gabriella (a true warrior) and other children and families battle everyday increased my motivation and dedication to run. I increased the miles and began running twice a day, in the morning and evening. Since reaching my weight loss goal I have run a 10k. My next goal is to run a half marathon and to dedicate it to Gabriella who recently lost her battle with an inoperable brain tumor.

I have made a commitment to exercise six out of seven days by training for the half marathon and by lifting weights for upper body strength. My family has been extremely supportive during this time as they see a much happier mom. Often, when I run outside, my daughter will ride her bike or scooter next to me and my son will run with me. It is important for children to develop healthy habits at an early age, so I’m coaching an exercise program at my school in the spring. I’m excited to coach and inspire these young girls just as Jenny Craig has taught me how to make healthy choices that will be life-long habits.

I lost 32 lbs.* on the Jenny Craig program. I would have never reached this goal without the food and support at Jenny Craig. I’m feeling fabulous at forty-two and I’m in the best shape of my life!

Thank you,


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