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Millions of lives have been changed on Jenny Craig.

Dear Jenny,

My weight gain started after having my 2 children, and fifteen years later the baby fat remained. It felt permanent and like I was trapped in my own body. I was always out of breath, my self-esteem had plummeted and I dreaded going out and having to find clothes to wear. I’d tried so many diets but always became discouraged and gave up. My daughter and I were shopping and as usual, she tried to help me find some stylish clothes. After 50 minutes of nonproductive searching she held up a pretty dress and tried to persuade me to try it on. I refused saying it would never fit. I saw the look in her eyes. So much excitement and hope for a mother who was perpetually in sweatpants and hoodies. Her eyes shifted to the ground as she realized that I was right. I regretted showing her my insecurities. I wanted her to see her mother as someone who is strong, confident and loves who they are. I never wanted her to feel the way I did. Tears welled up in my eyes as I called it quits for the day. I was miserable and knew I had to do something. I wanted my children to be as proud of me as I was of them. I wanted my husband to be able to brag about how beautiful his wife was. I was completely done with feeling sorry for myself.

I joined Jenny Craig after seeing a commercial on the TV. There were delicious choices on the Jenny Craig menu like Chicken Fettuccine and Chocolate Cheese Cake so it didn’t feel like I was on a diet. My consultant Amy reassured me each step of the way and taught me portion control, how to make good choices when dining out, and to add salads and veggies to my entrees to satisfy my hunger. As I started to lose weight, my daughter suggested that we start running together. In spite of the fact that I couldn’t run the length of our driveway without getting winded, I agreed. I continued to make great progress with my weight loss and my activity. I am proud to say with the Jenny Program and support from my consultant and my family, I lost 57 lbs.* on Jenny! My daughter is my #1 fan and we just completed our first 10 K race this past Thanksgiving. Our new goal is a half marathon. We have so much fun on our runs cheering each other on and encouraging each other to never give up. Shopping together has never been more enjoyable and we can even share clothes now! I never would have believed that the miserable, sweat pant wearing mom would become the happy, fit, healthy mom that I am today. When I look in the mirror now I am proud to see the woman I have become.

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