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Dear Jenny,

Growing up I was always heavier than most of my friends. I wasn't very active and was always one of the slowest to run a mile and never did well at organized sports. As I grew up I accepted being heavy as just the way I was meant to be. Most of my family was overweight and I didn’t see a way to be different. I could not imagine ever wanting to go to a gym, and even though I was overweight, I thought I was eating healthy. My life was just my life, not great, not horrible.

About 6 years ago I decided to quit smoking. I was always waking up with a cough and I never felt well. I’d tried to quit in the past but had never been successful. I knew high blood pressure ran in my family, and that my grandmother had died of heart problems. My doctor told me that my blood pressure was elevated due to my weight and smoking. I knew if I did not make some positive changes in my life, my health would continue to suffer. Quitting smoking was the first step and with focus and commitment, I was successful. After three years of being smoke free, I decided I was ready to do something about my weight. I had gained weight over the years after quitting smoking and although I was feeling better since becoming a non-smoker, the extra weight still took a toll. I was winded most of the time while walking around New York City, where I live and work. In spite of trying and failing at many other programs over the years, I decided this time to check out Jenny Craig.

At Jenny, I met Fenda, my personal consultant who guided me on my journey every step of the way. We clicked instantly and her support, education and enthusiasm were all so instrumental to my success. My previous diet of large portions full of fat and starch, lack of vegetables and fruits, and mindless eating of sugary snacks was over. I learned portion control with the Jenny Craig entrees and how to stay satisfied with fewer calories by adding fruits, vegetables and low fat dairy to my meals and snacks. Week after week, Fenda helped me stay on track with my weight loss and still enjoy my busy social life. I planned ahead for social occasions, satisfied my cravings with Jenny salty and sweet snacks, such as their yummy cheese curls, and started to read nutrition labels at the grocery store. She also encouraged me to journal what I was eating, which I do to this day. This habit keeps me focused and accountable. She didn't push me to join a gym or give up the things I really liked to eat. I lost 57 lbs.* on Jenny Craig, lowered my blood pressure and I couldn't be happier. About a year into my weight loss I finally felt comfortable enough with my body to put on workout clothes and join a gym. I instantly fell in love with spinning and also became interested in running. This never would have happened if I hadn’t lost weight. I now go to the gym five times a week and I love it!

Turning 40 was a milestone I wanted to celebrate, instead of hibernate. I decided to enjoy the whole year instead of just one day! It became the “Year of Amy”! I completed seven 5K races and I volunteered to work at the NYC Marathon. I also took a trip to Spain with my family and have been enjoying life! My friends have been very supportive of The Year of Amy and we have been making sure to celebrate as much as possible. Celebrating me was the best decision I made!



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