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Dear Jenny,

In today's world, overweight children are more likely to be bullied than those of normal weight. I can relate to this, because I was an overweight child. My mother was overweight most of her adult life, and my father's weight yo-yoed up and down.

My weight has gone up and down for the last 30 years and each time I gained, I would find it a little harder to lose the weight. I found myself at an all-time high of 174 lbs, which I attributed to unhealthy eating habits, a pulled disc in my back that prevented me from exercise, and age. I could tell I was gaining weight, because my clothes were fitting differently, my rings were tight on my fingers, and I had to order bigger sizes of bras and clothing. I decided after the summer, and two hand surgeries, to begin my new life. I went back to Jenny Craig, where I was a Premier member. I was welcomed with open arms by Barb. It was so great to see her. Everyone made me feel comfortable, and I really liked my Jenny Craig Consultant, Diane, because she was so positive and encouraging.

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Soon after I joined Jenny Craig, I began yoga. Some of my teacher friends had been going and loved it. I have been going ever since! I really feel that it was something that made a difference for me. It helped me reduce my stress level, strengthen my core, and get in good shape. I began by going two times a week. I was not very good at it in the beginning. But as I lost weight, I also got better at yoga. I now attend four or more times a week, and would miss it if I had to give it up.

I also began to explore other forms of exercise. I worked out at a gym and also began doing exercise classes. I found that rotating these forms of exercise kept me losing weight and got me in shape. My school received a grant from the government this year. We needed to start up a parent/community activity or program as part of it. I was put in charge, so I found a person to teach a fun dance/exercise class. Our school community loves it! We see more and more people attending each week. I am so glad we had this opportunity, because our teachers, staff and parents need this physical activity. I now find myself working out two hours a day. I do rest on Sundays.

I am eating healthier these days. Even though I am gone for many hours each day, I pack my food to go. I make a conscious effort to eat every four hours. I used to try but give up. Now, I just do it. I am really trying to make good choices when I go out to eat with my boyfriend and friends. I try to find a copy of the menu ahead of time if I do not know the restaurant. I try to suggest restaurants that I know have things that are easy to order for me and still fit my plan. When I go to the movies, I bring my Jenny Craig popcorn and my own soda and water. I also try to be prepared when going out by packing salad dressing, fruit and yogurt in case I get hungry. Being prepared has helped me stay on track. I am happy to say I lost 53 lbs* on Jenny.

Since my father had his first heart attack at age 38 and died at age 60 from heart problems, I knew I needed to be careful. Then my mom had her first heart issues at age 59, and died of heart problems at age 73, after many heart procedures and medications. My parents smoked until my dad had his first heart attack, were not healthy eaters, and did not really exercise consistently, if at all. This has caused me to be more cognizant of the fact that I need to step up and be healthy. I get regular doctor checkups for my cholesterol. It has gone down significantly since I lost weight, but I still take medications due to family history. I have never had any issues with high blood pressure, but that runs on my mother's side, so I am keeping an eye on it.

My new lifestyle plan, since getting through menopause and losing weight, is to stay healthy. I feel young in my brain, so I want my body to try to feel that way, too. I want to thank my Jenny Craig center for all of their positive words and support. I am happy that I chose them to reach my goal!

Janet H.

Lifestyle Change Award recipient Janet H.