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Millions of lives have been changed on Jenny Craig.

Dear Jenny,

Let me begin by thanking you so very much for your wonderful program. There are no words that could tell you how much I appreciate it, and how I feel after losing weight is beyond any worldly pleasure I could possibly imagine.

When my family and I migrated to the USA, it was very hard starting a new life with no friends or family. We came here for a better life and to educate our daughter. It wasn't easy adjusting, especially since we came from a completely different culture and background. I was so alone and miserable. Without a friend in the world I turned to food. I started eating so much and did not want to accept the fact that I was extremely overweight. I did not even know how much I weighed because I knew what the scale would tell me and I did not want to face it. It was easier being the way I was, just eating and not caring about anything. Food made me content for a while.

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My regular routine back then was coming home after work, sitting on the couch and not moving until it was bedtime. I started thinking, why am I doing this to myself? I have a beautiful daughter and a good husband. My daughter needed me as a mother and a friend to go to the mall, run in the park and just hang around with her. I could not do any of these things, as I could hardly walk because I was so heavy.

I had heard about Jenny by reading magazines and from some of the people at work. I decided that I would try Jenny. I called and made an appointment to go in. When I met with my consultant, I was very emotional, and she was very understanding and supportive. When I got on the scale and weighed 335 lbs, I was in shock. I could not believe what I had done to myself.

My consultant explained the program to me very patiently and assured me that I could do it. I wasn't sure at that point because I did not trust myself. My husband and daughter sacrificed so much since we were struggling financially. I now know that all the money in the world cannot compare to how I feel since losing weight. I am a new human being. My self-esteem is way up and I am confident and most of all extremely happy. I owe it all to you, dear Jenny!

I want to help others because I know how much it hurt to be that obese person I used to be. It was a very dark and lonely place, and now I am living the life I deserve. Thank you again and again! I can't stop thanking you enough.

When I started to exercise, all I could do was walk. I started walking 10 minutes a day. That's all I could do, as I was so heavy. Then I increased to 15 minutes and then 20 until I was walking five miles a day. Because I was so heavy my ankles would hurt and swell but I did not give up! I was driven.

I was ready to join a gym. At the beginning I was so embarrassed to go to the gym alone. I felt so heavy and conscious about how I looked. I started walking on the treadmill (slow as ever). I had to teach myself to ignore everyone. I was there for me, not for them! I felt as if people were so unfriendly, except for the few who made my day by telling me "great job." Just those little words helped me so much to go on. I started going to the gym seven days a week. I did so much cardio walking on the treadmill and the elliptical machine. I was very dedicated and worked very hard to lose weight. Seeing the weight loss each week motivated me more and more, and I worked harder and harder and even incorporated weight training.

I followed Jenny's plan and never felt starved or hungry. The food was so good and I loved every bit of it. Then I gradually started cooking on my own, as I knew exactly what to eat because my consultant had educated me. I still choose to buy some Jenny meals and snacks.

I have lost half of my starting weight with Jenny.* The eating habits I learned and the exercise that has become part of my lifestyle have helped me maintain a healthy weight. I am a whole new person. I am content and not afraid of society or to mingle with people. I have friends and so many people come up to me at the gym and at my workplace and tell me how incredibly good I look. They cannot believe how much I've shrunk. I never forget to tell them about Jenny's awesome program!

Today, I am living the life I deserved to live. I am now a certified spinning instructor and teach at three different gyms in my area. I fell in love with spinning after my weight loss. My goal is to help people and motivate them in their weight loss challenges. I understand the struggles and I understand the pain but I also know that NOTHING is impossible if you are willing to make the change. I turned my life around for the better. Not only am I a healthier person but I have grown emotionally and spiritually as well. It's a complete transformation … mind, body and spirit. I have learned to appreciate life and also look at the positive side even when things seem very dark. Attitude is everything. It's a choice we make.

I love the opportunity to share my story and inspire people who think they will be miserable for the rest of their lives because of their weight. I know now it does not have to be that way. The mind is stronger than anything, and I feel if I can do it, then anyone can. Thank you again! Jenny, you truly saved me!

Amanda W.

Amanda W. is an exclusive "Half My Size" achiever.