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Millions of lives have been changed on Jenny Craig.

Dear Jenny,

I've been worried about my weight and dieting since I was 14 years old. There have been times I was successful only to put the weight back on again. Over the past few years I started to feel "desperate" to lose the weight, trying several ways to lose weight to no avail, which then led to gaining more weight. After my last attempt I suddenly realized that I just didn't know what healthy eating was anymore. There was too much information out there, and I was just overwhelmed, tired and confused. I began looking at several options, but I kept coming back to the Jenny Craig Program. The more I reviewed the benefits, I realized that as difficult as it may be for me to talk with someone about my failures, I needed the one-on-one consultation with someone who would address my personal issues with food and hold me accountable. I am so grateful for meeting Helen in your Carlsbad office, who was so understanding and who introduced me to my consultant, Angela, who was an inspiration to me. The hardest part is picking up the phone, but I am so glad I did because the journey I have been on has been an amazing transformation!

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What I loved about the program from the beginning is the simplicity. You have a planned menu of prepackaged foods that taste great, and it took all the guesswork out of what I was going to eat all day long. I never felt hungry, and the food tasted great. I felt I was eating a lot more than I ever had and yet was still losing weight. I really did embrace the new lifestyle by reading all the materials, constantly reading articles and success stories on the Jenny Craig website, becoming familiar with portion sizes, and talking with Angela about having a plan to handle the events in my life.

I lost 15 lbs* on Jenny just in time for a trip to Maui. I will never forget the day that I walked out to the pool in my new bikini, so proud of the goal I had reached!

I told myself through this journey that this time it was for the rest of my life. I now feel truly healthy, strong and confident, and I will forever be grateful to Angela and the Jenny Craig Program.

My advice for anyone starting out or looking into the Jenny Craig Program would be to remain open to learning what the program has to offer, read the materials to learn what healthy eating means, always have a plan going into your week and always remember that you are stronger than you think you are and you can achieve your goals!

Lynn A.