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Millions of lives have been changed on Jenny Craig.

Dear Jenny,

Where do I begin? I guess like everyone else, bigger than I wanted to be and unhappy.

All my life I have been the cute, chubby one in my family. I took after my mom's side of the family: big hips, big arms, big legs. But I tried to look at the bright side; I have small hands and feet.

The bright side started getting dimmer and dimmer, though, after I had my third child, which also included a third C-section. I weighed 180 lbs and I felt like a blob! My skin started feeling tight, my arms started getting dimples and I had absolutely no energy. I had hit my all-time lowest self-esteem. I would close my eyes when I passed my mirror without clothes on in order to get in the tub. I was so embarrassed by my body that I wouldn't get undressed anywhere around my husband. I just wanted to crawl under a rock and hide, but that would have taken energy, so I just sat there with one question:

What was I going to do?

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I had tried so many different diets before from pills, drinks and even other meal programs that all inevitably failed. I wanted a quick fix or at least something that would make me start to feel better about myself. Then came my answer … "Have you called Jenny?"

I remember sitting on my couch, my favorite place at the time, watching TV. A Jenny Craig commercial came on. The newest Jenny gal had reached her goal of losing 40 lbs* on her weight loss journey. She was sitting in a kitchen, commenting on how this year was the first year in a very long time that she would not make losing weight her New Year's resolution. Overwhelmed with that realization, she began to cry. I started crying with her. I knew how she felt before she lost the weight, and I wanted to feel like she did sitting in that chair having transformed herself with her weight loss. I wanted to be able to say, "I am here. I arrived!"

I spoke with my husband and told him what I wanted to do. The question that popped into my head was, how would I manage going to the Jenny center weekly to meet with my consultant with my kids in tow? The answer was that I chose the Jenny Craig At Home option. (With Jenny Craig At Home, Jenny's Cuisine® meals get delivered right to your door, and you can talk to your personal consultant on the phone every week.) I couldn't have made a better choice for myself. I got all the benefits of the center without having to leave my home.

While on the Jenny Craig Program, I have formed a bond with my fabulous consultant. She has been my conscience and a great encourager. I'll never forget when I got my first call. I made her well aware that I may not lose weight but inches. And she said, "Well why don't we just wait and see."

Well guess what?

I ate well, worked hard, waited and I reached my goal. Ten months later, I surpassed my original goal for a total of 50 lbs.* I don't sit on my couch much anymore. I love shopping at clothing stores and trying on cute little outfits including jeans. My husband says I'm "hot." Wow, I'd never heard that before. People I haven't seen in a while don't even recognize me. They all ask the same question, "How?" and my simple reply is Jenny Craig. A woman stopped me on my run with the kids and said, "Those can't be yours, you are so thin." I smiled and replied, "Jenny Craig!"

I am a new person, with a new life and a new future. I went from "body loathing" to "body loving," and it is because of Jenny Craig At Home, and the support from my great consultant and my family. "I AM HERE. I ARRIVED!"

Since losing my weight, I have more confidence. I am more physically active, and I'm not afraid to take on physical challenges. For example, I have run 10Ks, learned how to snow-ski, and recently participated in a mud run. Losing the weight has also given me the strength to do something I never thought I would be qualified for, and that is teach a self-esteem class for a nonprofit organization.

The sky is the limit, and there is no going back! Thank you, Jenny Craig At Home!


Michelle P.