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Dear Jenny,

I have a beautiful, bouncing baby boy. I had been fortunate as I had not put on excessive weight during my pregnancy and, given the fact that I had never really had challenges taking off weight previously, I was confident I would shed the weight and be back to my pre-pregnancy weight before I knew it. However, what I had not foreseen about motherhood was that my days would be limited in terms of cooking for myself. Every day was suddenly jam-packed with never-ending, time-sensitive baby tasks, which were now a priority. Unfortunately, before I knew it, eating had undeniably taken a backseat. Instead, it became a habit for me to wait until my starvation kicked in, and then I would promptly reach for a handful of chocolate chip cookies, chips, trail mix, or some similar snack and shove it down as quickly as I could. Then several hours would pass and I would do the same thing all over again, until I put my son down for the night. I would then seek out the frozen lasagna, pizza or other carb-heavy frozen meal and throw it in the oven and devour it the minute it was ready. Next thing I knew, my exhaustion would set in and I would be off to bed. Next day, repeat. Months later, the reality of my poor eating habits had caught up to me.

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I clearly remember standing in front of my closet and admiring my wardrobe. How I longed to wear that clothing again. Sadly, I realized that even none of my "early pregnancy" clothes fit me anymore. The only clothes that fit were my maternity clothes. The number on the scale had kept creeping up the last few months. I no longer liked my reflection in the mirror. The day the scale tipped over 150 pounds, I knew I had to do something. I kept asking myself how I let it get this far. For the next month I just felt sorry for myself, but continued with my bad habits nonetheless. I was convinced there was nothing I could do about my daily schedule, and that's when it hit me. I realized I had only two choices: (1) buy myself a new wardrobe, or (2) take the money I would spend on a new wardrobe and put it toward a weight loss program and, accordingly, "invest in me." I knew what the right thing to do was. I didn't want to be unhappy with myself anymore. I wanted my confidence back. Plus, I realized that if I decided to accept myself at the new weight and carry on with the same old eating habits, then I would probably just keep gaining weight and that was simply not an option for me. So I decided to invest in me.

I remembered an acquaintance telling me about Jenny Craig a few months earlier and how pleased she was with the program. In particular, I remembered that Jenny Craig offered prepared meals. That's exactly what I needed: something quick and easy to throw in the oven or microwave; no fussing about; straightforward and simple. So, I went on the Jenny Craig website and promptly selected the "call-back" feature before I had second thoughts. Moments later, my local Jenny Craig center called. The consultant was so friendly and reassuring. She asked me about my weight gain and how much weight I wanted to lose. She asked me about my current eating habits and we discussed my challenges with finding the time to cook for myself. She made me feel completely at ease and reassured me that, based on our conversation, the Jenny Craig Program was a great fit for me. In particular though, I remember her asking me what outfit or piece of clothing in my closet I would like to fit back into, and I knew exactly which one it was. When I envisioned it, I knew I had made the right call and I was eager to start the program. She asked me if I would be interested in coming in to meet with her the following day and, without hesitation, I booked an appointment. From there, it was seamless.

The program is so easy for me to follow and convenient and, on the plus side, the food is delicious. I love the fact that your menu is laid out for you week to week. It makes it so straightforward and completely hassle-free—which is absolutely ideal for sleep-deprived mothers. With time and exposure, you become so comfortable with the appropriate meal proportions and combinations that it makes it easier to start tackling dining out and attempting home-cooked meals. The option of Jenny MyDays™ is so nice. You start when you are ready, and you can go at your own pace. The ideal part is that it all comes together so nicely, and I found it completely stress free.

I also really like the fact that you meet with your Jenny Craig Consultant every week. It encourages you to stay on target and not stray from your menu plan. Knowing that someone else is invested in your weight loss helps you stay focused and inspired—especially in those weeks where the weight loss is minimal or nonexistent. I respect and value my consultant tremendously as she has supported me through it all: the laughter, frustration, tears, exasperation and eagerness. The one thing she reminded me of frequently is that you don't have to be perfect to have success. If you stray from your menu plan or indulge from time to time, you don't beat yourself up for it. You accept it for what it is, think about what you would do differently the next time, and simply focus on the upcoming week and get back on track. She never made me feel guilty or bad when I lost focus and made some choices I was not happy with. She just helped me get back on track and encouraged me to get one pound closer to my target goal weight. She always pardoned my indulgences and, without fail, always celebrated my successes.

Having been on the Jenny Craig Metabolic Max Program, the one pleasant surprise I had was how many calories I burned day to day just carrying my son around and getting down on the floor and playing with him. It truly shocked me. Little did I know that it didn't take a rigorous workout to burn calories; all it took was having fun with my son. So, whether it's taking time every day to play with your kids or doing a little dancing while cleaning the house, I recommend you make your calorie-burning experience a fun one, because it works.

Since losing the weight, my knees don't ache anymore when I first get out of bed or reach down to pick up my son. I also bought an elliptical trainer, along with free weights, and I am working out regularly while my son naps. It's a great feeling to not only tone my body, but the exercise also lets me burn off tension too. As a bonus, I am even sleeping better now.

I lost 22 lbs* on Jenny and I look and feel beautiful. I have regained a level of confidence that I hadn't had in a long time. I'm so very proud of my achievement. I'm smiling all the time now. I'm proud to walk down the street with my son, because now I know that people are not just looking at him and thinking he is adorable, but they are looking at me and thinking, "Wow! She just had a baby?! She looks great!"

Nathalie D.