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Millions of lives have been changed on Jenny Craig.

Dear Jenny,

While I have struggled with my weight for most of my adult life, I had reached an all-time high. Years of a stressful job and a busy schedule had taken its toll. I felt rundown. I dreaded doctor appointments because I didn't want to face my weight problem and its associated risks. I avoided scales like the plague and had given up on the idea of losing weight. I knew that I needed a healthier lifestyle but was stuck.

I researched the best diet plans but was skeptical that I could succeed on any diet plan at this point of my life. But one day, I realized that I simply could not deny the problem. On a whim, I called Jenny Craig and by the end of the day, I was on my way to a healthier me.

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My initial goals were simply to improve my health. I have a strong family history of heart disease and stroke. Three of my grandparents suffered heart attacks that resulted in bypass surgery, while the fourth suffered multiple strokes. I wanted to avoid this path. I was also concerned about the example I was setting for my children. It was hard to teach portion control and good food choices when I wasn't practicing them myself.

At my first meeting, my consultant helped me to focus on my future and not dwell on my past weight issues. I had made the first step. I soon realized that the plan is easy to follow and by addin vegetables, hunger isn't an issue. The weekly weigh-ins kept me motivated, especially as I started to see results. After a few months, I added in a walking program. Along the way, what originally seemed impossible became my everyday healthy habits.

I am so proud of my accomplishments. I lost 67 lbs,* walked over 800 miles, and am now in a healthy weight range. Now instead of getting "the talk" at the doctor's office, I get congratulations.

Kathlynn B.