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Dear Jenny,

People often ask what it was that finally motivated me to start losing weight, though I can never quite pinpoint what exactly. I had always been heavy growing up, but tried to ignore it. I was happy with who I was, or so I thought. Perhaps it was the feeling of being perpetually single just days after Valentine's Day, and in my late twenties I still had had no real long-term relationship. Perhaps it was current events—people being kicked off planes for being "too large." Or perhaps it was a delayed New Year's resolution reaction. I'm sure these all played a part in what got me to walk over to the Jenny Craig center around the corner from work over my lunch break. The first few weeks of my journey, I kept completely to myself outside of the center; nobody knew what I was up to. There was a fear from having been the butt of weight jokes most of my life. When I finally decided to face my fear and let people know I was on the Jenny Craig Program, I found a surprising amount of support. Soon after, I began to add more activity to supplement the newfound diet.

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I finally started taking my bike out again, bought a pedometer, got a fitness video game, picked up some workout DVDs, then caved in and joined a gym. I managed to lose steadily until my work plans shifted and I found myself traveling weekly. Travel was challenging, as I went from being strictly on the Jenny Craig plan and with a gym to go to get some cardio, to regularly living on whatever was convenient for food and trying to motivate myself to make it to the hotel gym. I still find it peculiar that I was more motivated to do the 30- to 45-minute bus ride to the gym in Chicago than to walk downstairs to the gym in the same building on a business trip. About a week after my travels came to an end, I received a call from my Jenny Craig center to follow up and see how I was doing—it was as if they telepathically sensed I was ready to get going again. I set up an appointment with a consultant, and weighed in for the first time in months. Even better, I recommitted myself to getting back on track. Getting back on track proved to be difficult for me since it was the holidays. I decided to take the slow path and stuck with diet only initially. Finally to help my weight loss, I figured it was time to get a gym routine going again. I decided to make fresh start on that front, and moved to a new gym. I also started doing more meals on my own, figuring that in case a sudden need for work travel came about again, it would help me be more prepared. I reached a milestone of dropping below the 200 lb mark, which was my original goal the day I first stepped foot into my Jenny Craig center. I decided I wanted more, and kept going.

I again found myself in a big déjà vu with work travels. When I started my work travel this time, I was again close to my goal. But this time I was prepared. With the help of my Jenny Craig Consultant Laurine, I had already transitioned to doing some meals on my own. And with the help of my trainer at the gym, I was able to develop a plan to keep working out while I was away. Seeing them both weekly when I was home, assuming my schedule allowed, also proved to be a help in keeping me accountable. Weight loss did slow during the period of travel, but more important was that the scale moved in the right direction.

Obstacles Faced and Overcome

I would say the largest obstacle I faced was traveling for work. While personal travel can have its challenges, it's usually over in a week or two, and one can get right back to routine. Traveling weekly for work, for months at a time, can take its toll on weight loss if one isn't prepared. Entire weekly routines change, as a result of location and schedule shifting. The first time helped in showing me that there was still plenty I needed to work on for this to truly be a lifestyle change that sticks. After the first bout of travel came to an end, I took the opportunity to better focus on how my diet should look when I don't have Jenny Craig meals to rely on. I was able to get a better feel for portion sizes and calorie counts. I also had the opportunity to work with a trainer at the gym and he managed to set me on a path that transformed my views on workouts. I still enjoy working out regularly. Finding a style of working out that I liked, through group classes, helped me overcome the lack of desire to work out while traveling—it led me to find a nearby gym with a class schedule that worked, to keep on track while I was away from home.

Consultant's Role in Client's Success

I have had the opportunity to work with several consultants while on the Jenny. Each had something new to offer, and helped give me different perspectives and ideas along my journey. Currently, I am working with Laurine, who has been a great encouragement to me.

Where Am I Now?

I am living life. I lost 93 lbs* and become a much happier version of me. I look in the mirror, and I'm much more satisfied with what I see. The camera comes out, and I'm no longer hiding behind it. My spending habits have changed—from the obvious with food choices, to the less obvious like wanting to spend that extra money on a new bike instead of a new laptop. As my journey progressed, I learned it wasn't just about a number on the scale, but instead about living healthy, and facing the challenges of life head on.

Abigail K.