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Dear Jenny,

I'm still on my journey, and it is hard to believe that I am approaching my one-year anniversary of renewed commitment to myself. And what a year it has been. If anyone had told me that I would be 70 lbs* lighter and one of "those" people who CRAVE the gym, I would have said they were nuts. But here I am!

I was five months past a serious medical condition requiring a week-long hospital stay. While no one said anything to me and while my weight was NOT a factor in my illness, I certainly felt like it was. I was the morbidly obese patient who allowed herself to get like that. What was wrong with me? I was exhausted. I was the heaviest I have ever been. I was unhappy with the direction my life was headed and I needed to make some changes. The first change was obviously my weight, but I'd tried and failed at so many diets out there. Doing it on my own was not the answer. I needed help and support to get the journey started. I called the Jenny Craig office in Farmington Hills and spoke with Suzanne. I went in that very day to start. I still wasn't confident that I could do it. Buy all of my food from Jenny? If it does work, am I going to have to buy Jenny food forever? Even with all the questions I was asking myself, I knew I had to try something. Suzanne helped me to take the first step. Just start. Just try. Don't worry about the end; worry about the NOW. The first step was learning correct portion sizes and to recognize when I'm full. Sounds simple, right? For someone who never measures and doesn't "eyeball" well, it's not. The rest would come in time. I had taken the first step and felt good about that.

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I worked weekly with my consultant, Jenna. In the first month, I was down 15 lbs*! I was already feeling better and learning new habits, like the importance of eating regular balanced meals and snacks. The program was working for me! Still, I was skeptical about what would happen at the "end" of my journey, but I continued. I started to realize that it IS one day at a time. The weight didn't come on all at once. It wouldn't come off all at once, and I had some terrible habits to break.

Jenna then started talking about the dreaded "E" word. Oh darn!! Is she going to start pushing me to go to a GYM? My initial thought was that will NEVER happen. I hate the gym. I don't exercise. Jenna never did push it, but she suggested it every week. I didn't have to do anything major. It could be something as simple as walking.

At this point, I was down about 40 lbs* and starting to feel pretty good. My daughter is an ice skater, and we spend a lot of time at the rink. As I sat in the stands watching her practice, I kept noticing athletes going in and out of the gym attached to the rink. After several sessions, I started wandering to the window to look in the gym. I'm thinking, "Maybe I could just do a little bit on the exercise bike? It's not that busy. No one would see me." So I went to the main office and joined my first gym. Every time my daughter skated, I was now in the gym. I started slowly. Nothing dramatic, but I was DOING it! And I amazed myself because I learned that I was actually ENJOYING it! I actually MISS the gym when I can't get there.

During this time, the weight continued to come off. I found myself able to go out for dinner with family and friends. The first few times, I was worried. I won't lie. But I worked with Jenna to learn to plan ahead. I found out where we were going in advance. I looked at the menu online. I planned my order before we even left for the restaurant. It was a big step for me after months of eating only my Jenny meals. Could I do it with the breadbasket on the table, and with all the temptations at the restaurant? I DID! When I weighed in next, and I saw that I still lost weight that week, I knew I could keep going.

I love how things have changed for me and my life. I still have more to go, but it's not about the number anymore. It's about feeling good and continuing to push myself to be better and stronger. I have signed up for my first 5K, which I am doing with family and friends. I am exploring new activities and exercises at the gym and I love it. I am proud of all the changes that I have made. I am thankful to Jenny and for all the support I've had from everyone there. It's not easy. They didn't do it for me, but they have been there for every step of the way as I started, and continue, my journey for better health.

Melissa W.