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Dear Jenny,

I had been thinking (and I emphasize thinking) about losing weight for many years. I have never been happy with my weight, and was always trying to find the fastest and the easiest way to lose the pounds. I wanted something that I didn't have to put too much effort into.

I gained and lost weight as a result of my two beautiful children. It was something that I was pleased about. On the day of my daughter's first birthday, I was the thinnest I had ever been. I would think back on that day often and wonder why I couldn't just be that way without having to try so hard.

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My responsibility of being a mother became greater as I chose to end a marriage that was not contributing to my overall sense of well-being. While it was my choice, it was still emotionally exhausting. In order to spend more time with my children during this change in our home, I also decided to leave the workplace and become a full-time mom.

The mental weight of having to deal with all the changes that were occurring, along with the needs of two young children, became overwhelming. Food was the only thing that was there just for me, and my weight started to climb. What I was eating was not healthy at all. It was only chocolate, fried food and chips that I turned to for comfort. Who cares? I thought. It's not like there is anybody important to lose weight for.

Meal preparation is something that I do not enjoy. My cooking skills are limited, at best. Both children like different foods and I was snacking while cooking. Having to prepare separate meals for everyone became extremely challenging and maddening. Dining out became our "normal."

I thought that maybe I should give exercise a chance and joined a gym. That would be much easier than adjusting my eating. Ha! Really, who was I kidding?! If I can't be bothered to chop vegetables, am I really going to do abdominal crunches until it hurts? No. The membership tag is still clipped to the gym bag somewhere in the garage. Over the next six months, I really started to hate myself. The excess weight was showing, and I was depressed.

My mother came to me and said that she was concerned. Her exact words were, "Don't take this the wrong way, but I think you need to try Jenny Craig". At first I was horrified. Mothers are not supposed to criticize their child's weight, even if that child is grown up! Then I understood that she was trying to help. I took her advice and made an appointment for the next week.

When I arrived for my first appointment, I felt nervous. I didn't know much about the Jenny program. I assumed I would be judged because I needed help. Not just from the staff but from the strangers who may see me walk into the center. I was also scared about how this would change my life. The weight was something that had been there for while. How would I cope with another exciting yet new change, when it's gone? Would I be hungry all the time? Do I have to start running? The whole appointment was quite emotional. Once I started talking about my story, this feeling of relief came over me. Every single consultant there had had a similar experience. I didn't feel alone. This change was going to help with all the weight I was carrying; physically, emotionally and mentally.

I found the program so easy to follow. The food choices are amazing (Triple Chocolate Cheesecake!) and the right portion size.

I found that the Jenny program was a great fit for me. The support from my consultant and the new eating habits I learned are so valuable to me for my new, healthier lifestyle. I am happy to say that I have lost 24 lbs.* My children, parents and friends are so happy for me. I have more energy and enjoy active and fun activities with my children. I also feel so much better and more confident about myself. Instead of hiding behind my weight, I am letting the world in and am open to new experiences. I can honestly say that the Jenny Craig Program worked for me, 100%. Now I realize that I did have someone important to lose the weight for. That someone is ME! I feel my weight loss journey does not end here, but is a work in progress, while I strive to maintain my new healthy habits for myself and my family.

Leah C.