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Dear Jenny,

My name is Sharon, and I want to share with you my story about losing 40 lbs* on Jenny Craig and how that helped improve my health and well-being. I found myself overweight with high blood pressure and sedentary as a result of severe knee pain that limited my activity. My choice was to lose weight or have a total knee replacement. I decided to try to lose weight, and I enrolled in Jenny Craig. Afterwards, I called and cancelled my surgery. I thought that if Jenny didn't work, I could always reschedule it.

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The Jenny program I chose was Metabolic Max using The BodyMedia FIT™ Armband, which records all my activity, my steps and my sleep. It keeps me motivated to be more active, which helped me lose more weight. I learned about portion control using the Jenny entrées and that I could enjoy my favorite foods in moderation. I also included more vegetables and fruits to keep hunger under control and to keep meals balanced and nutritious.

As I lost weight, my knee started feeling better. I was seeing success. My family, friends and doctor were so excited about and supportive of my progress. To help me stay motivated and have another way to measure my success, I took a bucket and I labeled it "Bucket of Fat," and I kept that bucket in the kitchen area. Every week I added weight to equal my total weight loss and would pick up the bucket and walk around to feel the amount of weight that I had lost. It was a big eye-opener. It was unbelievable what a 10-, 20- or 45-lb bucket feels like. My kids would be excited for me to come home from Jenny Craig after my weigh-in to add more weight to the bucket. Now, I have two buckets each with a bowling ball and additional weights to equal my weight loss. This is when I came to realize the accomplishment I had achieved. And one of the biggest things I noticed with picking up the buckets and walking, my knee starts hurting right away. What a difference!

Since I lost the weight, I have started running and doing exercise classes. Also, our family went on a week's vacation to Florida. I was able to enjoy the beach, hours of walking at amusement parks and a day at a water park without it bothering my knee. What was amazing for me on the vacation was eating out for a week and seeing how much food the restaurants give you. My whole family started splitting meals to make them less wasteful but still enjoyable. I even lost weight while on vacation because of my choices and the knowledge that Jenny Craig taught me.

Another amazing part of losing weight occurred when I went to my doctor for my regular six-month checkup related to my two blood pressure medicines. As a result of my weight loss, my blood pressure has improved to a point that my doctor has taken me off one medication and expects to take me off the other. So, on top of fixing the problem with my knee, I also improved my blood pressure! I am now a healthier me!

Sharon C.

Lifestyle Change Award recipient Sharon C.