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Dear Jenny,

I was very unhappy with my appearance after the birth of my second child. I tried to diet and exercise on my own to lose the baby weight. Over the course of the next few years, I took off a few lbs and would gain and lose them. By the time my daughter was 7, I couldn't say I just had a baby anymore, and I realized that I was just heavy. Even though I was exercising consistently, I was overweight. I even went to two different endocrinologists, convinced that I must have a thyroid condition. It couldn't possibly be that I was eating too much! After receiving the news that I was perfectly healthy, I became very distraught. How could I be overweight and not have a medical reason behind it? I was exercising and eating right (or so I thought)!

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I began to think that I needed to start accepting that I was going to be a large woman. At my age, it would be too hard to lose weight, and I needed to be OK with myself. But there wasn't a moment in each day when I wasn't aware of my size … clothes felt tight, and I was very self-conscious whenever I was outside of my house. I couldn't find pants that didn't give me a muffin top; low-waist jeans were the enemy!

I usually joked with my friends about my weight, so no one would feel sorry for me. One day I was alone with my friend Emily and I broke down and told her how sad I was. She told me to try Jenny. She looked fabulous after great success with the program. I didn't think I would be able to change my habits to follow a meal plan, but my friend gave me inspiration and the confidence that I would succeed.

I made an appointment at the Jenny Craig center and met with Beth, the program director. I was scared and embarrassed. She weighed me, and I was 10 lbs heavier than I thought I was! I fought back the tears, and Beth said to me, "Now that you are here, you will never see that number again." For some reason, I believed her, and I began my journey.

The first week on the plan was extremely illuminating. When I saw what the portion sizes were, I realized for the first time … I really was eating way too much food! The first week was such an eye-opener for me and helped me see that I was not used to listening to my body … I just ate whenever I felt like it (having two children and their snacks around didn't help).

I lost 38 lbs* on Jenny! I continue to check in at my Jenny center for support. I am not worried that I will spiral back into my old self. I have learned to accept setbacks and will not let them get me down. I know the staff at Jenny will help me stay at a place where I like how I look and feel. I have never had that feeling in my adult life for more than a few months at time. I am so grateful to my friend Emily for giving me the confidence to go on this journey, and to Jenny for giving me the support I need to stay strong.

Amy K.