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Dear Jenny,

My name is Kathia and I'm originally from Costa Rica. It's amazing for me to see photos from before my weight loss because everything is different now. The first step I took to change my lifestyle was to call for an appointment at Jenny Craig. This call completely changed my life.

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People ask me all the time why I made this drastic change and I always say, I weighed 210 lbs and emotionally and physically I was not feeling well. I was in a state of depression and was a very unhappy person who ate to feel better. I felt addicted to chocolate and ate at least two bars a day. My appetite was out of control, and I could not stop eating. I never bought clothes, and I did not like going out and feeling terrible that people were staring at me or judging me for being overweight. Although my husband told me I was beautiful, the reality was I did not feel that way. I did not like seeing myself in the mirror and was embarrassed to take my clothes off in front of my family. I lived in a world full of embarrassment and pain.

I was not always that heavy. When I went to study at the French culinary institute Le Cordon Bleu in the United States I was very thin, despite all the cooking and tasting we did every day. I tried to be very careful about what I ate. About three months before I graduated, my father had a massive heart attack and I had to return to Costa Rica without being able to graduate. After his death, I enter into a terrible depression, and food was my refuge. I started working in one of the most prestigious restaurant chains in Costa Rica called Spoon, Pastry Services. Part of the job was to taste the delicious dishes and desserts to check the quality, which did not help my waistline. After a while my husband was transferred to the United States and my depression got worse. I cooked and ate large amounts of food and desserts just to feel better.

Jenny was my lifesaver. I started with the program and consultations, and week by week could not wait to weigh myself and see how much I lost. The support that my consultant Kathy, the other Jenny center staff and my family gave me was priceless. I lost 67 lbs,* and there is no better feeling than being more active and happy. I love going outside and spending time with my family. I learned portion control, how to curb hunger with plenty of vegetables, and to eat regularly throughout the day. With this knowledge and being a chef, I created a variety of recipes for myself and my family. We cut back on red meats and fat and eat mostly poultry, lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, and herbs to season so as not to use too much salt. We all enjoy these healthy and delicious meals.

This lifestyle change has made such a difference in my life. It feels so good to shop at the mall and buy a size S. I now look in the mirror every day, and I'm still so impressed with my change and love what I see. I believe in the Jenny program completely and in the importance of commitment, dedication and belief in yourself. This has been one of the best decisions I've made in my life, and I don't have enough words to thank Jenny for so much support and affection. I am very proud of myself every day for leaving bad habits behind and starting a new, healthy chapter. I intend to keep practicing the lifestyle changes I made that took me to success.

Thank You.

Kathia R.

Lifestyle Change Award recipient Kathia R.