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Dear Jenny,

I started my Jenny weight loss journey after deciding earlier that I had had enough of being fat. My relationship with my significant other was in trouble, I got looks of disapproval from strangers, and I was tired of being tired. This was my second time around at Jenny Craig, and I was given the opportunity to work with my previous consultant, Maureen. I had given up before because I was unused to being noticed by strangers and I didn't know how to react to the positive attention. When I started this time, Maureen listened to my concerns and taught me how to live for myself and not for others. I lost weight slowly, but intentionally, in order to learn to handle the emotional changes that were happening.

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Now that I've lost 40 lbs,* I often receive compliments about my appearance and the changes in my confidence. I've learned two things that I would especially like to share with people considering Jenny Craig. There often comes a question that is asked of me or a statement made to me from others wanting to lose weight. First, I am always asked when I tell people that I lost my weight following the Jenny Craig program, "Isn't it expensive?" My answer is this: "lt did cost me a little more than it would have at the grocery store, but how much would you be willing to pay if your life depended on it?" This is a reality. Being 40 lbs overweight is unhealthy and could be the beginning of more weight gain and an early death. We all know the risks of obesity, so I won't add to that, but it does lead to the second idea that I learned. I was always told that I would be the same person I was after losing weight. If this were truly the case, why would anyone bother with losing weight? Since my weight loss, my relationship is better than it's ever been. We play tennis, go out to restaurants, go to plays and spend more quality time together and with family and friends. Before I'd wait for him to come home from some activity or other pastime (hunting, fishing, racquetball, etc.) while I was watching my favorite television programs. No wonder we were having problems. We had nothing in common. I have more energy now than ever before. On average, according to the BodyMedia FIT™ Armband, I burn more than 2,400 calories per day. That is crazy. I always thought that I burned maybe 1,300. People ask me to take walks, go to a fitness class or do anything athletic, which was totally unheard of before. Me, athletic? This is amazing. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family in an activity or over coffee rather than watching a movie or something of that nature. You become closer. So let's get back to the first question about the cost. Is it worth it? My answer? Absolutely! Every dime.

With many thanks,

Kerry D.