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Millions of lives have been changed on Jenny Craig.

Dear Jenny,

My name is Betsy, and one day I realized that no matter how much I was exercising, the weight would not come off because of the way I was eating. I was really addicted to sugar and diet sodas, and was mindlessly eating. When I saw pictures of myself and looked in the mirror, I didn't recognize myself. I started to see the scale continue upward, plus my cholesterol was climbing as well. I am a very active person and do all kinds of sports, and the extra weight made my activities more difficult. I saw Jenny Craig being advertised and the specials for joining. I saw good results and the food looked delicious. I mentioned to my sister Brenda that I was going to go to a center and check it out. She said she needed to lose a few pounds, too, so she came with me. We met with a consultant and we decided then and there we were going to do this together. There was also a special on The BodyMedia FIT™ Armband , which helped us track everything, so we purchased that as well. After our meeting, we had "one last hurrah" lunch at a Greek restaurant nearby—funny, I still eat there occasionally, but very differently!

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We loved Jenny's food and the support from our consultant. It was great going together to see her, and she helped us make changes to be successful, plus encouraged us not to be too hard on ourselves. We started making up our own funny jokes about our challenges, and texted each other for support. My sister even came up with a new drink: H30, which is a wine and water combo. Each week we were excited to see our results and looked forward to learning more about weight loss. The BodyMedia FIT™ Armband gave us data on the exercise we were doing and the calories we burned. I lost 25 lbs* and Brenda lost 15 lbs!* We learned that this truly is a journey and a permanent way of life. We feel that reaching goal doesn't mean that you are "done." We realize that it is the continued practice of activity and healthy eating habits that will keep us where we want to be. We try to always be mindful of every bite, and if we don't eat right or exercise, we feel physically and mentally off. The weight loss has made us feel healthier, too. Our family has a history of heart disease and stroke, so we know the importance of maintaining a healthy weight to decrease our risk for these conditions. My sister and I work out together at least once a week and motivate each other by checking in all the time, whether by texting or calling. We now can also share clothes! Brenda is especially happy that she is SPANX free. She wants to get a license plate that reads XSPANX! For me, being able to wear sleeveless shirts and to see all the results of working out—being toned and full of energy—has been awesome! I knew there was some muscle underneath all that "padding" somewhere!

Our weight loss tip would be to keep at it—consistency is the key. If you have a holiday eating day or a birthday with treats and you've eaten a few too many, walk for an extra 15-30 minutes or drink more water and stick with the plan. The weight will still come off. Just don't treat yourself too many consecutive days in a row, and don't be too hard on yourself. My cholesterol is down and my BMI is at a healthy number. After all, if you don't have your health, what do you have? Jenny has changed our lives in so many ways and joining was one of the best decisions of our life!

Betsy K. and Brenda K.