Exciting new changes at Jenny! Introducing MyDays. More flexibility, more affordability, more real choices! Call now!

Real flexibility for real life.

Introducing MyDays. The flexible new weight loss choice that fits your real life. We know that family dinners, date nights and backyard barbecues happen.

We'll show you how a little balance goes a long way when you're trying to lose weight. Jenny knows with some freedom usually comes success. With MyDays, it's simple.

  • Eat 5 days of delicious Jenny's Cuisine®.
  • Eat 2 days of your own healthy food choices.

Menu options from $15-22 a day.*

Jenny offers over 80 delicious Jenny's Cuisine® entrées and snacks as part of our program. Jenny's options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks range in cost depending on what you choose for each entrée or snack.

Your personal consultant will work with you during your one-on-one weekly consultations to create MyDays menus to fit within your lifestyle and budget.

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Real choices for real balance.

We believe balance and moderation are key to your weight loss journey, and we won't take away the foods you love.

With every Jenny program, we support your goals and allow you the freedom to make smart, informed food choices. That's where MyDays can give you the structure to succeed and the ability to choose.

By incorporating the Volumetrics® Approach, Jenny teaches you how to add fresh vegetables, fruits and dairy products to Jenny's Cuisine® and to your MyDays meals. You'll feel more full and add nutrients with fewer calories.

Get a FREE consultation today and learn how MyDays can fit with your real life.