Metabolism. Meet Enthusiasm Metabolic Max Program

Get to know your metabolism.

Jenny's Metabolic Max Program can help. It focuses on two proven habits of successful weight loss that impact your metabolism:
  • Moving more with regular physical activity
  • Self-monitoring and tracking your calories in and out

Metabolic Max provides inspired tools to take your fitness goals to new levels. The BodyMedia™ FIT Armband* and Activity Manager* are your one-two punch as they measure calories consumed and burned, giving you accurate insight into your metabolism.

With the support of your Jenny consultant you can craft a personal activity plan to get you moving, having fun and feeling like new again. Achieve your feel-good and look-great goals while learning portion control and other good eating habits.

Along with all the benefits that Metabolic Max offers, you will also receive:

  • Yes-You-Can—a full year of motivation and support
  • Incentives—cash incentives to reach your milestones
  • Savings—10% off all non-food Jenny purchases
  • Friends—two 25% off guest passes so you can do it with a friend
  • Webisodes—valuable videos packed with advice and support

So call us today, and take your fitness lifestyle to the max!

*The Jenny Craig Metabolic Max Program includes the BodyMedia FIT™ Armband and BodyMedia FIT™ Activity Manager. BodyMedia, the "Four Circle" logo, BodyMedia FIT and the BodyMedia FIT logo are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of BodyMedia, Inc. The BodyMedia FIT™ Activity Manager is included for 12 months.