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Your Jenny Craig Menu Plan: What’s It All About?

Your Jenny Craig Menu Plan is an important tool for your weight loss success. Why? Because we take the guesswork out of what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat. You don’t have to count or measure Jenny Craig meals or snacks. Talk about easy!

Added Value

Jenny’s dietitians have designed menus to include delicious Jenny Craig meals and snacks, along with healthy grocery foods for ultimate satisfaction. The meal plan can be tailored to your tastes, with nearly 100 premium items to choose from. It’s designed to give you:

  • Healthy, balanced nutrition
  • Variety of foods and flavors
  • Model for portion control

And because you’ll eat SIX times each day and load your plate with Fresh & Free Additions, it will help you feel satisfied all the way to your weight loss goal.

Planning your menu

  • Use the Jenny Craig Planned Menus if you don’t want to think about it and you want more structure. There are four weeks (28 full days) of delicious meal plans already built for you.
  • Utilize the Personalized Menu (Let Me Plan It) It option if you want to create your own menu and pick and choose from nearly 100 premium meals and snacks.
  • Personalize your menu even more by moving foods around throughout your day. Just be sure to eat everything listed on your menu for the day.

Navigating your menu

  • Each day includes a Jenny Craig breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack plus your own foods (fruit, vegetable, dairy, etc). You can easily purchase these from the grocery store.
  • Jenny’s Grocery List will help you select your grocery foods.
  • Each day is a complete nutritional unit that includes three meals and three snacks. No problem if you don’t want to eat six times each day, just combine the meals and snacks for three larger meals or any combination you prefer.
  • The meal plans are flexible, so feel free to eat the foods in any order. Want breakfast for dinner? Go for it! Just be sure to get it all in.
  • For added variety and satisfaction, add in Free Foods. More food – seriously!

Your Calorie Level

Based on your height, weight, age, gender and activity level, you’ve been given a weight loss calorie level. Don’t expect to hit this number perfectly. There may be days when you are under a little, and more often, you’ll exceed it a bit.

Consider this number your baseline calorie level -- the amount of calories you need to lose weight in a healthy way. To this starting plan, you’ll add Free Foods and Limited Free Foods. They are a great way to add both flavor and satisfaction to your meal plan -- to help keep hunger at bay and fend off cravings for high-calorie temptations.

Many of these “free” foods contain calories, which will put you over your baseline calorie level. This is okay and shouldn’t impact your weight loss success. Overtime, as you get accustomed to your lower-calorie menu, you may feel satisfied with less food and can choose to eat fewer Free Foods.

Tracking to success

If you are creating your menu plan online, your plan will appear in your tracker. Whether you’re using the online menu planner, the mobile app or the paper menu, you can easily track foods you’ve eaten, foods you’ve missed, foods you’ve added and any substitutions you’ve made. Self-monitoring is a key to success.