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You Met Your Goal…Now What?

By Staci Amend

Let’s start by saying congratulations! If you’re reading this and have met your Jenny Craig weight loss goal, you’ve got a lot to feel good about. Whether you lost 15 pounds or 50, reaching your goal is an incredible accomplishment—one that we hope you’re celebrating. But meeting this major milestone also begs the question, “What’s next?” Here’s a quick Q&A session to help you shift into the maintenance phase of your weight loss journey… so you can continue to enjoy the fabulous new you.

What is maintenance?
The Jenny Craig maintenance program is designed to support you at your goal weight. After the high-fives and hugs, your consultant will help you calculate a slight increase in your daily caloric intake—this will ensure that you’re able to maintain your weight. Typically, you’ll ease into this phase gradually, over a four-week period; this will prevent you from gaining weight, and also allow you to acclimate to eating a little more food without straying completely off track.

What will I be eating?
Our nutritionally balanced, portion-controlled meals helped you to get where you are today—so you won’t abandon this strategy just yet. Part of our maintenance approach is to gradually decrease the number of times per day you eat Jenny Craig meals and snacks. This will allow you to ease into the habit of cooking healthy, balanced meals for yourself. Even after your transition month is up, though, we recommend continuing to eat one Jenny Craig meal and snack per day. This will make sure you have one “no brainer” meal requiring no real cooking or calculating, and also give you a visual reminder about healthy portions.

How will my exercise program change?
Hopefully, throughout your weight loss journey, you worked your way up to 30 minutes of exercise on most days. Regular physical activity is important to keeping the weight off, so your consultant may want to chat with you about how you might add a bit of time or intensity to your workout regimen. Increased activity will help your weight hold steady at your new calorie level.

What about meetings and weigh-ins?
For the first month after you reach your goal, you’ll continue to meet with your consultant once a week. If you’re successful in maintaining your weight, you may graduate to once-a-month meetings. If you need more support you can continue to meet with your consultant as often as you need. We recommend that you continue to weigh yourself daily, so that you’ll know right away if you’re veering off course.

Can I really do it without Jenny Craig?
First of all, you’re never really without us. Our programs are designed to simplify the weight loss journey WHILE teaching you the healthy habits, portion control and nutrition basics you need to step fully into your new life. But they’re also designed to account for… well… being human! So if you slip up and gain a few pounds, we’re here to help you get back on track. Remember, we’re in this together—now, and for as long as you need us.

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