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Working Out During the Winter Months

Do you feel like hibernating in the winter? When the nights are longer and a cold chill whips through the air, the last thing you want to do is get out from underneath the covers! Physical fitness is probably the last thing on your mind, and those couple extra pounds are just keeping you warm, right? Don’t let the cold weather deter you from keeping up with your weight loss and exercise plan. Follow these tips to stay on track during some of the most challenging months of the year.

Dress appropriately

If you enjoy running or walking outdoors, you can keep up with your exercise routine during the cold months, but you need to prepare accordingly. Bundling up will help to get you warm enough to bear the initial thought of getting out there. Once you get out there and get moving, you will warm up in no time. Dress in layers so you can take off a little if you start to get hot. Wear breathable clothing that wicks the sweat away from your body so you don’t end up wet and cold. Wear a hat, neck wrap, gloves and thick socks. If you run during cold rains or snow, make sure your shoes are water resistant.

Swap your normal routine

Just because you spend your spring and summer running or biking outdoors doesn’t mean that you have to give up exercising in the winter. In fact, it might be a great time to try cross-training! Cross-training can improve your fitness and endurance level by using different muscles that you may not have been using in your typical exercise routine. Opt for weight training, circuit training, yoga, or workout DVDs that you can do in the privacy and comfort of your own warm home. These exercises will work muscles that you may not have been using, and you could actually end up stronger when springtime comes around.

Embrace the cold

Did you know that a 160-lb woman who does moderate cross-country skiing for one hour burns about 690 calories? That’s over half your days’ worth of calories if you are following a 1200 calorie level weight loss menu plan! Skiing, snowboarding, ice skating and snowshoeing are all great ways to embrace the cold weather and lose weight. Find an activity with friends that you enjoy. Making fitness fun and spending time with friends is a win-win that can help to keep you on track for losing weight.

With the right attitude and mix of exercise, winter can actually be a fantastic time to reignite your passion for fitness. Get creative, try something new and most importantly—have fun! Exercise away those winter blues.