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Why You Should Say “Yes” to Weight Loss—Again

By Staci Amend
January 19, 2015

Life can ebb and flow… and sometimes, our weight goes along for the ride. That’s why so many Jenny Craig members think of us not as a one-time solution, but as long-term partners. There are lots of reasons you might have taken a little detour from your weight loss journey—but in the end, the most important thing is that you’re ready to get back on course. Here are a few compelling reasons to call your consultant today.

Begin with a head start.
When you come back to the Jenny Craig weight loss program, you’ll already have a head start! You and your consultant can pick up right where you left off. You’ll begin by talking about what was or wasn’t working for you before, so you can adjust things and move on. Consultant wasn’t a perfect fit? It does happen from time to time, and it’s no big deal. Speak to your center manager about finding a better match.

We’re still here for you.
There’s a reason Jenny Craig has so many lifetime customers: our unparalleled support. Whether you need the compassion of a face-to-face meeting to get you through a rough week, tips for breaking through that plateau or simply want to share your success with someone who gets it, your consultant is the heart of your weight loss journey. Your one-on-one appointment can be the most important meeting of your week; ask your consultant how to get the most out of this incredible relationship.

It’s more than a diet—it’s a lifestyle.
You’ve probably heard us say this before, but Jenny Craig is more than a diet. Yes, it’s true that many of our members initially love us for our easy meals and the comfortable structure of our pre-planned menus. After all, it’s our delicious, balanced nutrition that makes it so easy to shed those unwanted pounds! But Jenny Craig is a lifestyle—so everything we do is designed to teach our members to make healthy choices on their own, whether you’re heating up one of our meals, cooking for a family of four, or meeting friends for dinner on the town. If this piece of the program was missing for you last time, ask your consultant how to tap into our numerous resources… they’re yours for the taking.

Old favorites and new flavors.
Many Jenny Craig clients tell us that they miss the food when they go off the program, so you wouldn’t be the first to look forward to enjoying some of your old favorites again. But we’re also dedicated to keeping our menus fresh and exciting, so you’ll find six new entrees in our lineup this year—including Asian Style Chicken, Mediterranean Style Egg Sandwich, Southwest Style Chicken Fajita Bowl and more. Ask your consultant for a complete list, and start mixing them into your weekly menus right away.

Tomorrow is a new day.
Whether you’ve slipped a bit after reaching your goal or still have a ways to go, there is nowhere to go but forward! Your Jenny Craig consultant is standing by, without judgment, to help you get back on your feet again. Don’t think of past behavior in terms of “wrong” or “right”; instead, use it as pure data to help illuminate your unique areas of challenge—so you can step right around them in the future.

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