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Where to Get Exercise Indoors this Winter

By Ali Struhs
January 19, 2015

When ice covers the sidewalk and the snow is blowing, exercising outdoors is often out of the question. Instead of giving up on your healthy routine during the frigid months, find other activities that are indoors to help you burn calories and lose weight. Here are several places to get exercise indoors this winter.

Hit the gym
Of course the gym is the obvious choice for indoor exercise, but don’t limit yourself to the elliptical and treadmill. Take advantage of circuit training machines to prevent boredom and workout plateaus. Circuit training combines weight training with cardio to maximize your metabolism. The indoor swimming pool at the gym is also a good option for activity, especially on dreary winter days when you’re dreaming of being in the summer sun.

Hang out at home
Can’t make it to the gym? Get the family involved and exercise at home. Host a dance-off or dance party in the living room and sweat to everyone’s favorite tunes. Another option is to host an indoor competition event. Create a small obstacle course in the family room, or hold a jumping jack contest. Award each family member with a homemade award like a healthy treat.

Walk the mall
For a change of scenery, walk the mall. You’ll be distracted by window shopping and people watching and won’t notice the calories you’re burning! Complete your shopping list and errands while you’re getting exercise, checking off two items on your list. If you want to avoid people for a more brisk walk, malls often open their doors early in the morning for walkers.

Join a team
Indoor sports leagues can be a fun way to both get exercise and meet new friends. Sign up for basketball, hockey, or soccer leagues. The cost is often minimal, and you’ll have something to look forward to each week. Have your significant other join with you if it’s a co-ed league and make it a weekly date night.

Go to a yoga class
For a stress-relieving workout, sign up for a yoga class. Yoga can improve flexibility, posture, and strength to help you help you clear your mind. If yoga isn’t your first choice, try another group exercise class, such as kickboxing, dance, or Pilates.

Family fun
For weekend family fun that doesn’t involve spending the afternoon eating popcorn at the movie theatre, load up the family and head to the bowling alley. Other options include a trampoline park, an indoor ice rink, or a laser tag center.

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