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When Should you Come Back to Jenny Craig?

By Staci Amend

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably experienced the “Jenny Craig Moment”—that point in time when you decided to take your health and happiness into your own hands, and take that critical first step of your weight loss journey. You’ve likely also experienced the joys of watching those scale numbers go down, and down again…of your clothes getting looser, and maybe even choosing a smaller size. Perhaps you’ve even enjoyed that feeling of total triumph when you met your weight loss goal. All of these feelings are wonderful in their own ways, with truly life-changing benefits if we choose to embrace them. So if your journey has taken a detour, large or small, you might be wondering, when is the right time to come back to Jenny Craig?

When your clothes are feeling tighter…
You kept meticulous track of your weight and measurements while your membership was active, but you stepped away from the scale and/or tape for a bit when you reached your goal. THAT, my friend, is normal. But then you just got out of the habit of self-monitoring, and it’s possible you let your healthy eating habits slide a little bit, too. So you’re human! The good news is: you haven’t slipped very far, so getting back on track will be a breeze. Call us!

When the party’s over…
Maybe you joined Jenny Craig with a specific event in mind; a wedding, reunion, anniversary or beach vacation. You looked AMAZING for your big day, and there was so much to celebrate that you just kind of… kept celebrating. For months. Then you went to put on your party dress for another to-do, and it won’t zip. It’s also perfectly normal. Give your consultant a call and get yourself rerouted right away.

When life got in the way…
Or maybe: you were plugging along toward your goal. The pounds were coming off, and you were happy with your progress. But then, out of the blue, LIFE intervened. You lost your job, or got a new one. Your son broke his arm, or an elderly parent got sick. Stresses of all kinds can take their toll on your weight loss journey. And whether you’ve only gained back a few pounds or you’re approaching your starting weight, the time to act is NOW.

When your “moment” happens again…
Think back to your very first Jenny Craig moment. Whatever inspired you to take that step—a special event, a special person or a commitment you made to yourself—that inspiration is probably still within you. And it may not surprise you to learn that many Jenny Craig clients rely on us multiple times to help them slim down. There’s no shame in coming back… none whatsoever. What IS a shame, though: spending one more minute not feeling like the very best version of you.

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