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What to Expect at Your First Consultation

By Staci Amend

If you’ve spent any time reading our Success Stories, you know that many Jenny Craig members cite their first consultation as “the day that changed their lives.” That’s pretty exciting stuff! But if you’re just taking your first few tentative steps in your weight loss journey, “life-changing” might also feel a little bit intimidating. We want to walk you through a typical first consultation—so you know exactly what to expect, whether you’re visiting your local center for an in-person meeting or calling in with Jenny Craig Anywhere.

Meet your new wingman
Whether you’re on the phone or in a center, this is the first time you’ll meet your personal consultant: the knowledgeable, compassionate person who will be your guide during your weight loss journey with Jenny Craig. Your consultant will be many things to you in the coming months—including menu planner, mojo booster, cheerleader, confidante and more.

Goal setting leads to goal getting
After you spend a few minutes getting to know one another, you and your consultant will talk a little bit about your goals: what inspired you to embark upon your weight loss journey, and how much weight you’d like to lose. On average, Jenny Craig members lose 1–2 lbs. per week, so you’ll be able to get a very rough idea of how long it might take you to reach your goal—and start setting some expectations around that.

Every journey starts with a single step
In order to track your progress, we have to see exactly where you started! Your consultant will take a “before” picture, record your weight and take your measurements, and discuss how you’ll keep track of everything in your Success Tracker. You’ll also set weight loss milestones to celebrate along the way, such as 10% of your bodyweight and your halfway mark. By this point, you’ll probably be feeling pretty excited and hopeful.

Program details and getting started
Next, your consultant will give you a “Getting Started Guide” that contains everything you need to get off to a successful start. Since Jenny Craig is a lifestyle, not just a diet, you’ll get a basic overview of how the program works—details like how often you should be eating, the importance portion control, what to do when you’re dining out, how to add Fresh & Free Additions your meals and snacks with what we call “free foods” and much more.

Menu planning and customization
We understand that every single Jenny Craig member is unique, so our program and menus are designed to be ultra flexible—enabling you to lose weight gradually, and still enjoy the foods you love! Some members love the convenience of our pre-planned menus, while others want the freedom to hand-select every meal. All Jenny Craig meals are nutritionally balanced; your consultant can help you make sure you stay within your daily calorie limit.

Questions, food and farewell
Everybody has questions at their first appointment, and our consultants have heard it all—from how to stay within a certain budget to where to find the best healthy cooking resources. So don’t be shy… ask away. While you’re packing up your food purchases, you and your consultant may set expectations for your first week, and make plans for a quick phone check-in a few days later. And that’s it!

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