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What to Do When You're Still Hungry

Still hungry? You’re not alone. Research shows that, over the course of a day or two, a person will eat roughly the same volume of food, regardless of calories. So if you eat your usual amount of food, but with lower-calorie/higher-volume choices, you will eat fewer calories. Plus, you’ll still feel just as full, and be more likely to lose weight.¹

Here’s what to do:

● Non-starchy vegetables provide one of the best ways to give your menu more volume with the Volumetrics® approach. Steam, grill or microwave your veggies to add bulk and nutrients without sabotaging your weight loss efforts.

● Thread high-fiber fruit and vegetable cubes on skewers and roast or grill for a filling side dish or in-between-meal snack. These gifts from nature are water-rich, high in fiber, contain potassium, and are low in calories. Potassium is a mineral that plays a role in healthy blood pressure levels.

● Choose whole fruits with peels, more often than dried fruits or fruit juices to maximize fiber and fullness.

● Sip on a broth-based soup or Jenny’s Soupitizer® Soup. Next time, start your meal with a cup of soup.

● Select lean protein sources (such as chicken, lean beef, egg whites and beans) to help you feel fuller.

● Think you’re hungry? You could just be thirsty. Quench your thirst with a tall glass of club soda with a twist of lemon or orange. All for zero calories!

Keep hunger at bay by eating 3 meals and 2-3 snacks throughout the day. Start the day with breakfast, eat every 3-4 hours, and keep your evening snack light.

1. Rolls BJ, Barnett RA. The Volumetrics Weight-Control Plan. New York, NY: Harper; 2000.

VOLUMETRICS® is a federally registered trademark of Barbara Rolls, PhD, used under exclusive license by Jenny Craig Operations, Inc.