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What Beverages Can I Drink?

Why water?

Water is the best kept secret. Take a sip and quench your thirst. You might find that you aren't actually hungry, but thirsty instead. Water also helps you digest food better and flushes your system. It even regulates your temperature. An extra bonus -- no calories!

Hydration Tips:

● Snap up the flavor with a slice of lemon or a squeeze of lime.

● Sip on water throughout the day.

● By the time you feel thirsty, you're already starting to get dehydrated.

● Change it up, and keep your taste buds happy. Try club soda, sparkling, mineral or calorie-free flavored water.

What else?

Since water has no calories, you can drink to your heart’s content. Other no-calorie or low-calorie options include:

● Green Tea: It contains less caffeine than coffee, and it has good stuff in it like important antioxidants and compounds that help keep you healthy.

● Milk: Milk is a good source of calcium, which helps to protect your bones from osteoporosis. For other calcium options, try a small skinny latté. Use zero-calorie sweeteners instead of sugar, nix whipped toppings and choose nonfat milk.

● Low-calorie drinks: Try diet sodas, sugar-free drink mixes and club soda, just to name a few! Many of these choices also have a caffeine-free option.

● Hot beverages: Coffee and tea come in all kinds of flavors to help satisfy any taste craving. They can be great low- or no-calorie choices that you can enjoy hot or cold. It's all in how you dress them up!

Is caffeine okay?

Caffeine won’t hurt your weight loss efforts. However, too much caffeine can dehydrate you and interfere with your body's ability to absorb calcium. If you find yourself drinking too much caffeine, consider cutting back. Take it gradually -- avoid those nasty caffeine-withdrawal headaches by cutting your intake in half each week.

What about alcohol?

There's nothing wrong with an occasional drink, but like other beverages, calories from alcohol can add up fast. Alcohol has no nutritional value, so limit your sipping to maximize your weight loss. When you decide to splurge, think about some calorie-friendly options.

You can exchange a glass of wine (5 oz) or a light beer (12 oz) for 2 Fat servings. You can also make up for the additional calories with some extra physical activity. Or count it as an occasional splurge!