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Ways to Reinforce Your New Healthier Lifestyle

Losing weight is rewarding. There are often plenty of external reinforcers that are motivating -- compliments from family and friends on your appearance, the number on the scale dropping, clothes becoming looser or fitting better. As your weight begins to level off, these reinforcements are less frequent. When that happens, look inside.

Focus on internal reinforcements for the new, healthier lifestyle you have created.

Think about how your life has changed. How do you feel after making healthy food choices? How is your energy level at the end of the day (compared to before you started the Jenny Craig Program)? What are you doing now that you didn’t do before?

Make a list. Write down all the positives you’ve identified. Refer to it regularly, and add to it as you experience more wins.

Appreciate your new body. You deserve to feel good about your new body. Move past self-criticism, and appreciate your body and all it can do. Take it out for a test drive: buy some new clothes, give more hugs, and try a new activity or hobby.

Continue to reward yourself. Whether you are adopting new, healthy behaviors, maintaining the ones that helped you reach your goal weight, or setting personal bests, CONGRATULATIONS! Reward yourself for your efforts and healthy habits.

Link your new behaviors to other meaningful aspects of your life. For example, during weight loss, you may have walked to burn calories. While that is still important for weight management, walking also provides spiritual time for you. Cooking healthy meals brings your family together. The kickboxing class helps relieve stress.

Make the effort to shift your motivation. Compliments are great, but they won’t last forever. The sooner you can “do it for you!”, the more likely you are stay on track with the healthy behaviors that lead to reaching your weight loss goal.