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Treat Yourself with These Non-Food Splurges

Don’t want to be counterproductive to your weight loss and fitness goals? Then you’ll definitely want to skip that double serving of ice cream, strawberry cupcake or large caramel mocha with whip cream and instead treat yourself with these non-food splurges.

Manicure and pedicure
Pamper your fingers and toes with a manicure and pedicure. Choose your favorite, fun nail polish color and enjoy the time being spoiled at the salon. Later, you can admire your perfect manicure each time you reach for a healthy snack.

New workout gear
After sweating and burning calories in your old yoga pants, splurge on new workout gear. Pick up a new workout DVD to refresh your routine. A new tank top and running shorts or brightly colored shoes will help motivate you to lose the next 10 pounds. Plus, you probably needed new yoga pants that weren’t stretched thin!

Music downloads
If your workout playlist is sounding stale, treat yourself to a few new songs to refresh the tracklist. Pick music to download that is motivating, uptempo and fun, and download at least one song that is perfect for a relaxing cool down to your workout.

Accomplishing your weight loss goals can be stressful at times. You’ve worked hard, so relieve your tension with a massage. Even if you have a busy schedule, you deserve to fit in a tranquil hour to be stress free and feel completely relaxed.

New makeup
Skip the drugstore beauty aisle and reward yourself with a trip to a specialty cosmetics store for a high-end eyeliner pencil or tube of shimmering lip gloss. While there, ask for a makeup consultation and purchase a couple of the recommended products. Experiment with a new blush or eyeshadow for a fresh look.

Shopping spree
Because you’ve been working so hard to meet your goals, you may start to notice your blouses and jeans are feeling too big*. Treat yourself to a shopping spree for a new outfit that you can feel good wearing. Complete it with a pair of new shoes and maybe a piece of new jewelry. You’ll be ready for a night out on the town!

Tickets to a sporting event or concert
Are you an avid football fan, or is your favorite band making a tour stop in your city? Spoil yourself with tickets to a fun event. Just be sure to avoid the expensive and high-calorie snacks and drinks at the show. Buy a souvenir concert T-shirt or baseball hat instead!

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