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Tracking Your Weight Loss Progress

by Ali Struhs
October 8, 2014

Your weight loss journey can face many obstacles, but nothing may feel better than making progress and meeting the goals you’ve made. It’s both rewarding and motivating to see the results of hard work and determination to get fit and healthy. Whether you track your journey with online tools or take photographs of yourself, here are five ways to keep track during your weight loss program.

Jenny Craig’s Online Tools
When you sign up with Jenny Craig, you’ll not only have a one-on-one consultant to keep you motivated, but you’ll also have access to online tools that help monitor and track your progress. Utilizing the dashboard, you’ll be able to see reminders, meal plans, and your recorded weight loss, food, measurements, and activities.

Phone Apps
Download the Jenny Craig app on your phone to help you record your weight loss milestones. Our app is simple to use, encourages you to stay motivated, and can be easily updated in the palm of your hand. In addition to tracking your weight and measurements, you can monitor your calories, review daily menus, record your activity for the day and review menu items.

Take Photos
Before-and-after photos are visual proof of your progress. Instead of looking at charts and numbers, nothing will display the hard work you’ve done like a photo. Take a photo of yourself in front of a mirror once a week. When you’ve accomplished your weight loss goal, you’ll be amazed to look back at the transition you’ve made week-by-week!

Try on Your Clothes
Do you have a pair of skinny jeans that you’ve been dying to wear out on a date with your significant other? Along with photographs, your clothes are a good indicator of your weight loss. If your current clothes are fitting a little too loose, it might be time to go shopping! Purchasing a slimming dress that doesn’t fit just yet can also be good motivation to keep going with your weight loss program. Try it on each week until you feel confident wearing it out on the town.

Use a Measuring Tape
Use a measuring tape to record the inches you’ve lost. If you’ve been working out, toning your muscles and losing weight often results in lost inches, not just pounds, around the waist! Make a chart to record your measurements weekly and watch as you make headway with your goals.

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