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Track Your Way to Success

Tracking (aka self-monitoring) is a proven strategy toward weight loss success and a key component of the Jenny Craig program. Research has shown again and again that people who self-monitor are more successful with making lifestyle changes like eating healthy and following an exercise plan. In fact, in one study, those who kept a food log over the holidays actually lost weight without even being on a diet.¹ This shows that the act of keeping a record can actually influence your choices.

Why it works?

Taking a moment to track what you eat or how much activity you do is a decision point. You may choose to eat less or not at all or to move more. Here are some examples:

● Its 10:00 PM, you’re feeling hungry and are tempted to grab a snack. You’ve logged your food throughout the day and ended just above your calorie goal… You skip the snack and go to bed instead.

● You’ve been wearing a pedometer and recording your daily step counts. At dinnertime you realize you are well below your goal… You head out for a quick walk after dinner instead of watching reruns of your favorite show.

● You’re out with friends having a great dinner. You take a minute to log what you’ve had, and it’s more than you planned… You pass on a second glass of wine.

Self-monitoring increases your awareness. The goal is not to catch yourself making “bad” choices, it’s to build awareness of what drives your choices (e.g., emotions, influence from others) and what positive choices are you making.

What to track?

There are so many options! It’s best to track behaviors that will help you reach your goals. For weight loss, there are many to choose from. Our tools and mobile app make it easy to track these things:

● Everything you eat and drink throughout the day

● Food and drinks during your challenging times (e.g., after 5:00 PM, weekends)

● Planned activity (e.g., 20-min walk, 60-min spin class)

● Weight each day

● Measurements monthly -- to watch the inches melt away

● Daily step count with a pedometer or other activity monitor (record in My Journal)

How to do it?

There are different ways to track, so pick what works for you:

● Online via the tracker

● On your phone using the Jenny Craig mobile app

● Printed Jenny Craig menu

● Notebook or tablet (the tried-and-true paper and pencil option)

● Mix it up – choose different ways and switch it up every month or two


Track as much as you can and especially during “high risk” times.

1. Baker RC, Kirschenbaum DS. Health Psychol. 1998;17:367-370.