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Track Your Progress: One Step at a Time

Walking rules! It’s is the easiest way to get more physical activity into your day. Walking doesn’t require a gym membership or any special equipment. It’s the “anywhere, anytime” activity!

Unless you head out for “planned” walks, it can be difficult to monitor how much you’re doing. One way to keep track of your daily walking is by using a pedometer. This tiny tool registers each step you take by sensing motion and movement.

How To Use Your Pedometer:

● Clip it to your belt or waistband just over your hip bone when you get dressed in the morning. Some pedometers can even be worn on your wrist like a watch, around your neck or placed in your pocket- pick the one that suits you.

● Set it to zero.

● Take the pedometer off before going to bed at night.

● Record the number of steps you reached for the day.

What’s a good goal?

It may be helpful to find your starting point and build from there.

● Simply wear and record your daily steps for a week.

● Find your daily average (total # steps for the week ÷ 7 = daily average).

● After that, start adding steps.

A good initial goal is to aim for 1000 to 2000 additional steps in your day. Every 2000 steps equals approximately one mile.

Did you reach 5 miles one or more days this week? If not, work up to this amount over time. Walking five miles or 10,000 steps each day is roughly equivalent to getting 30 min of moderate-intensity physical activity—the amount to strive to achieve for improved health and wellness.