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Top Tips to Avoid Age-Related Weight Gain

Life isn't always easy for older women—from grey hairs to achy joints to stubborn belly fat, some baby boomers have a tough time keeping up with health and wellness. However, there are ways to manage weight, even if you are aging (gracefully).

If you stick to a diet and exercise plan that actually works, you may bypass the weight gain many women believe is an inevitable part of getting older. Although this may mean cutting out unhealthy foods that you love—yes, we mean the chips and hot dogs—you may be able to avoid acquiring those pounds that seem to creep on year after year. A healthy diet is one of the biggest pillars of weight loss, so it is important to continue to make it a priority, especially as you age.

Below are a few more surprising findings with respect to  age-related weight gain:

  • One study found that unprocessed red meats, potatoes, potato chips, and processed meats were independently associated with more weight gain. However, eating vegetables, fruits, nuts and whole grains was associated with less weight gain.
  • Liquid calories are another culprit. Alcoholic beverages, fruit juices, and sugar-sweetened beverages can help you put on the pounds.
  • Getting a good night's rest (more than 6 hours), physical activity and limiting your TV time are also healthy habits that can promote better weight management.
  • The aging process doesn't have to be a burden! With simple lifestyle changes, you might be able to keep the pounds off.