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Too much to eat!

Can’t eat another bite? Having trouble eating everything on your meal plan? Shocking, right?! You’re on a “diet” and have too much to eat. What a great problem to have! Jenny ROCKS!

It’s important to eat all the food on your menu to get the nutrition you need and support healthy weight loss. Try these simple swaps to help you not feel so stuffed:

  • Use 100% fruit juice instead of whole fruit.
  • Trade your garden salad or cooked veggies for less filling, low-sodium tomato/vegetable juice.
  • Toss your fruit, veggie and milk servings in the blender and make a smoothie.
  • Move foods around to eat less when you’re feeling overly full.

Take Note

Pay close attention to your hunger gauge. Once you are no longer too full, go back to whole foods (instead of juice) to get the fiber back in your diet.