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Tips for Shopping for Smaller Clothes

By Ali Struhs
October 22, 2014

The thought of a different, smaller wardrobe might have been part of your motivation to lose weight. After hitting the gym and eating right, you’re beginning to notice that your pants can’t possibly be cinched with a belt anymore and your tops are hanging off of your shoulders. You’re finally beginning to see the healthy weight loss results you’ve been working so hard to achieve, and it’s time to go shopping! Reward yourself with a shopping spree to replace your baggy, over-sized wardrobe. Here are five helpful tips for shopping for smaller clothes.

1. Form a plan
Begin by combing through your closet and donating your old wardrobe to a thrift store. You’ll no longer be needing over-sized pieces to wear! Look through fashion blogs and magazines for ideas on what to buy and make a list of essential pieces, like jeans, blouses, and pencil skirts, that you need to replace.

2. Get a bra fitting
Make sure your undergarments fit first before you try on any new clothes. As the base of any outfit, a poorly fitting bra can make any new top look unflattering. Go to a specialty boutique to get a bra fitting and purchase a well-fitting bra.

3. Pick out pants
When shopping for smaller clothes, focus on closet staples. You’ll most likely need a new pair of jeans, dress pants, and shorts. Because your body shape has likely changed, don’t be afraid to try on different types of fits. Maybe those skinny fit jeans will look fabulous compared to those baggy boot cut jeans you had been wearing!

4. Try fitted tops
Avoid anything over-sized and baggy. You’ve worked hard to get in shape, so avoid shirts and blouses that look three sizes too big. You may be surprised by the size you can now wear! Like pants, be sure to pick up great basics, like t-shirts and button-down blouses, in various colors to replace the larger-sized pieces in your wardrobe. To make your new clothing budget stretch, purchase a belt to accentuate your slimmer waist on any shirts and dresses left in your closet that are a little too large.

5. Add the final touches
Scarves and fun necklaces add style and sparkle to complement your new wardrobe. Are you noticing that your cute peep-toe heels are sliding off of your feet when you walk? In addition to cute accessories, you might need new shoes, too. As you watch the pounds drop on the scale, your feet may also shrink. Pick up a couple new pairs of shoes to complete your new look.

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