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The Power of Portion Control

Want in on a little secret? Jenny Craig uses one of the most proven weight loss strategies to help you achieve success. What’s that you ask? Pre-packaged, portion-controlled foods. Your Jenny Craig menu features delicious, pre-portioned meals and snacks. Not only are these a model of nutritional balance, variety and portion control, but they also act as powerful weight loss tools!

Did you know?

● Food portions have increased dramatically over the years.

● When we’re served larger portions, we tend to eat more.

(Fun Fact! In one study, people consumed 30% more food when offered a larger portion, even though they were just as satisfied with a smaller portion.¹)

● Our ability to “eyeball” portions is not very good. Having pre-portioned food helps control calories, which helps us lose weight.

● Research has shown (over and over!) that pre-packaged meals can be more effective in helping people lose weight compared to people preparing their own meals on a standard weight loss plan.2

Jenny Craig food not only gives you convenient, healthy meals that help you feel satisfied, it can also help you achieve your weight loss goals and maintain the lost weight.

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2. Hannum SM, et al. Obesity Res. 2004;12:538-546.