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The Portion Control Playbook

Figuring out what to eat is hard enough while you’re dining out -- add in the pressure of determining accurate portion sizes and you’ve got a potentially risky diet situation. But by practicing portion control, you can dine out while maintaining consistent weight loss. Visualization is the key to portion control, and your Jenny Cuisine(R) entrees are the model for moderation. Aim for the same size and ratio of protein, vegetable and starch in restaurant meals.

When portions are too large:

  • Ask for a split plate, and enjoy your meal with a friend.
  • Request a to-go box. Split the portion in half, and now you have two meals for the price of one.
  • Order an appetizer as a main dish. Appetizers are generally the appropriate portion size for your meal.

To help you right-size your portions, use visual cues from around the house. After all, how could you forget that:

this measurement is the same as a...
1 tsp of margarine quarter, two earbuds
1 tbsp salad dressing silver dollar, small thumb drive
2 tbsp reduced calorie dressing sandwich cookie, nail polish bottle
¼ cup of dried fruit golf ball, large egg
⅓ cup of rice compact, espresso cup
½ cup of fruit muffin cup liner, computer mouse
1 cup of vegetables baseball, light bulb
1 oz of meat or cheese matchbook, tube of lipstick
1 oz of snack food rounded handful
3 oz meat or cheese deck of cards
4 oz meat or cheese smart phone, checkbook
1 muffin or piece of fruit tennis ball
1 bagel or English muffin one can of tuna

You can dine out, indulge in tasty eats and still lose weight. Just get familiar with the chart above and manage your portions wisely. It is important to be mindful of what/where/how much you’re eating. Keeping track, planning in advance and managing your portions are all techniques that can help you reach your goals.