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The Incredible Benefits of Physical Activity

It's time to get healthy and lose weight. Eating well is only one piece of the puzzle. Moving more is key too! Being active helps you lose weight, but did you know it also helps reduce stress and improve your memory? Check out this list – the benefits of physical activity are incredible!

Self-esteem – heightened Breast Cancer – reduced risk
Mood – elevated Weight – assisted weight loss and maintenance
Anxiety and Depression – reduced Colon Cancer – reduced risk
Memory and Brain Health – improved Body Composition – improved
Mental Alertness – increased Bone Loss – prevented or blunted
Sleep quality – improved Blood Circulation – enhanced
Stress – reduced Flexibility – increased
Energy – increased Muscle Tone – improved
Blood Pressure – lowered (if elevated Muscular Strength – improved
Stroke Risk – reduced Immunity – boosted
Heart Attack Risk – reduced Years of Independent Living – extended
Cholesterol Levels – improved Work Productivity – increased
Diabetes – reduced risk and improved control Sense of Accomplishment – achieved

Not sure where to start?

Moving more isn’t just about running 5Ks and torturing yourself in a spinning class. You can choose simple ways to move. Do what works for you. Work in the garden, park far away from the shopping mall, and run around with your kids! Take lunchtime walks, join a yoga class or simply take the stairs whenever possible.

● Track your steps or try 3-minute bouts if you’re pressed for time.

● Pick “fun” activities if exercise isn’t your thing.

● Amp up your natural activity- plant a vegetable garden, walk the dog or de-clutter a closet.

● Mix things up with cardio, resistance and stretching if you’re bored with your workout routine.

If exercise sounds overwhelming, don't worry, you don't have to do it all at once! It's best to spread your activity out over the week. You can also break up your activity into smaller chunks of time. As little as 10 minutes of aerobic activity, like walking, can provide health and wellness benefits. If you feel like challenging yourself, the more activity you do, the more benefits you'll see!